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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Carly tells Shawn she’s worried about Franco. He assures her that he’ll make sure everyone stays safe and that she can lean on him. Shawn tells her about the goddess of fireworks, someone that Carly can relate to. 

Sam wonders if it’s a bad time to make a life altering decision. Jason says he needs to focus on Franco, because he’ll never be gone until Jason kills him. Sam can’t believe they aren’t allowed a life, unless Franco is dead. She refuses to give him that power.  Sam’s angry Jason wants to find Franco. Their honeymoon is over without Franco actually showing up.  Jason says Franco is calling all the shots. They have to play along. 

Jason thinks Sam should go back with Carly, but Sam doesn’t want to give up on her honeymoon.  She feels that there will always be someone who needs Jason, they’re in high risk jobs and the only thing they have is this honeymoon. Franco won’t ruin it.  Jason gets a call from Bernie. 

Jason lets Carly and Shawn know Franco was spotted at a hotel in Toronto an hour ago.  Sam feels since they aren’t in danger, she wants them to stay.  Carly feels it’s a diversion and warns Jason that Franco knows he’s in Hawaii.  She swears she’s not being jealous. She says she and Sam respect each other because of their love for Jason.  She tells him she’s always honest when it matters and admits to him that Jax is alive. 

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Alexis shows up at the Haunted Star, looking for Ethan, but gets Luke instead.  She’s happy to see him and tells him she’s sorry about everything that happened.  He wonders why she didn’t attend the intervention. Alexis feels she shouldn’t sit in judgment of anyone. Alexis tells Luke that Kristina got into Yale, but she’s racked with guilt because she got Sonny to get her in. She believes coercion was involved.  Luke says to tell Kristina the truth, but Alexis wants her to never find out and is worried Kris will confide in Ethan. 

Back on the pier, Anthony calls for another boat for Lisa.  Johnny finds him and angrily asks him what he was thinking, bringing Lisa out of the coma. Johnny says Lisa injected him with something that left him paralyzed on the floor. Anthony tells him she hit him with the nail and threw him in the water.  Johnny’s upset to hear that Anthony dumped her on Scrubs’ boat, but Anthony says he’s gotten another boat to get rid of her. 

Lisa and Robin fight and Robin goes flying in the corner.  Lisa goes to inject Patrick, but Robin fights her off again, grabbing the needle and Lisa runs away.  Robin unties Patrick and tells him to call Mac, while she heads out to find Lisa. She swears Lisa will never hurt them again. 

Matt drunkenly natters on to himself about Liz, being smart and sweet.  Maxie calls him, saying she’s outside the boat ready to get on. Matt hangs up on her. Spinelli tells her Matt is no longer eager for her company. The celebration is over anyway.  He defends Liz, which upsets Maxie. She thinks Spinelli is lying about losing his cyber skills, to get back together with her.  She says she chooses Matt, because she should and tells Spinelli to get her onto the yacht. 

Patrick calls Mac.  Robin walks around with what looks like a meat cleaver.  She runs into Steve and explains what’s happening.  Steven heads off to find Olivia.  Maxie makes it on the boat and Lisa watches her, ready with a syringe.  Patrick finds Robin and tells her to go and wait for Mac and takes her weapon from her, saying he needs to be the one to end Lisa.   

Patrick finds the first mate unconscious.  Maxie walks into a room, looking for Matt and Liz, but finds the captain unconscious.  Spinelli comes across Liz’ body on the beach.  Robin’s looking for Liz and Olivia.  Matt’s still on a drunken rampage.  Lisa tries to flag down Anthony’s boat, when Robin comes across her with the infected needle. 

Lisa says Robin doesn’t have it in her, but Robin says Lisa doesn’t know what she’s capable of.  The two fight and Lisa throws Robin away from her and then comes at her.