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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Jason questions Carly’s knowledge of Jax. She points out that a body was never found, but a parachute was and that his boat was taken. She feels it serves Jax purposes for everyone to think he’s dead and that includes Sonny.  Carly says she never got around to telling Lady Jane about the plane crash. She feels if Jane hadn’t heard from Jax in all this time, she would have contacted Carly.  Jason wonders why she’s protecting Jax. Carly claims she wants Jax and Joss to eventually have a relationship. Carly asks Jason not to tell anyone, especially Sonny. Jason isn’t thrilled about her request.

Jason asks about the divorce papers, but Carly admits she never signed them.  She thinks it will stop her from getting married again. She just can’t do it again. She’s sad about possibly losing Jason. He assures her he’ll be there when she really needs him. He also tells her to listen to Shawn.  Shawn comes back and explains that he went for a walk.

Kate stops by Sonny’s office and plants a kiss on him. She wants to know if things between them are real.  She wonders why he never contacted her, despite living next door. She figures he now wants to get back at Brenda. She tells him she won’t be a weapon.  Talk turns to Jax. Sonny doesn’t believe he’s dead. Kate wonders why Jax wouldn’t have contacted anyone, including Carly.  Sonny claims he’d have to do something if Jax wasn’t already dead. She wonders why he doesn’t just find out whether Jax and Brenda were together.

Sonny swears things with Brenda are over. Kate asks if he’s kept Brenda under surveillance.  Sonny wonders if what they have is real or if she’s trying to fix her guilty conscience for leaving him all those years ago.  Kate’s not happy with that accusation. Sonny says he wants to explore what they have and asks if there harm in spending time together.  Kate says she doesn’t want the anger and violence again, but is ok with starting off as friends.  She offers to have lunch in her office and tells him one of her assistants will call to set it up.

Alexis stops by Kelly’s and runs into Luke again. Luke explains that he lives upstairs now and wonders if he should con Carly into letting him back into the Metro Court.  Alexis is all for that and that it’s good to have goals.  Luke asks what she’s going to do, now that she owes Sonny. Alexis swears she wouldn’t do anything illegal.  Luke tells her to take a walk on the wild side and points out she was more fun before she became a mommy.

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Spinelli finds Elizabeth on the beach.  He sees a light and starts to go towards it, but Liz comes to.  She asks if he’s the one that helped her out of the water, but has a memory of someone else.  Spin helps her up and walks her off to his boat.

Patrick finds Robin lying on the deck.  When she comes to, she asks where Lisa has gone. Robin explains they fought and she cut her arm.  She insists Patrick not touch her, for fear of infecting him.  Patrick tells her not to worry about Lisa anymore.  Robin says she wanted to kill Lisa, not infect her. She doesn’t know what she’s capable of anymore.  Steven shows up, still looking for Olivia.  Patrick asks him about scratches on his face, but he’s not aware of them. He blames them on taking a dip in the water.  Steve takes off to find Olivia and Liz.  Patrick swears again that Lisa will not be coming back anymore.

Robin begins to remember her fight with Lisa and how she was thrown against the stairs.  Patrick tells her again, not to worry about Lisa. However, she says she needs to make sense of it all.

Maxie tries to leave the room and spots what looks like blood on her hands.  She wonders what she’s done.

Steven finds Olivia. Max, Ronnie, Delores and other officers let themselves on board and question Stolivia. They claim they never saw Lisa.  Steve is worried about Liz.  Mac tells his people to search the boat and warns Stolivia not to leave.

Everyone’s together in one of the rooms.  Robin explains it all to Mac.  Mac wonders where Lisa is now.  Delores finds Maxie and brings her to the others.  They wonder about the blood on her hands. Maxie explains that she found the captain dead, dropped her purse, which caused her nail polish to explode all over her hands. Robin asks how Maxie got on the boat and realizes that’s how Lisa got off of it.  Steve wonders if Lisa did something to Liz.  Matt wakes up from his drunken stupor and asks about Liz.

Johnny disposes of his boat.  Anthony shows up, wondering what Johnny has done.  Anthony’s looking pretty bad. Johnny shows some concern, although he’s still annoyed that he has to clean up his father’s mess.  Anthony claims he’s not the only one who made a mess, than falls down.