General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


The crew on the boat continues to hash out what happened, from everyone’s perspective. Matt suddenly realizes they need to find Liz.  Officers find no Liz or Lisa onboard.  Mac wonders where the scratches on Steven’s face came from.  Delores thinks Robin should go and get her arm looked at. 

Spinelli takes Liz into the ER. Monica orders some tests and starts treating Liz for hypothermia.  When Liz comes to, Monica asks how she ended up in the water. She doesn’t believe Liz when she says Lisa was onboard and tossed her over. Spin’s upset to hear that Lisa is back. He is determined to get to his Maxie. 

Liz panics about the kids being in daycare all this time, but Monica says that her kids are used to it.  Epiphany offers to make sure they’re ok. Liz asks her to let Cam know she’s ok. He worries since Jake’s death. She also asks them to call Steve and let him know she’s okay and to warn him about Lisa. 

Monica calls Steven and lets him know about Elizabeth.  Steve says he needs to get to the hospital.  Matt feels he’s sobered up enough to go as well.  An officer announces someone is causing a disturbance on the pier, to get to the boat. Maxie realizes its Spinelli.  Mac gets on the phone with Spin and assures him Maxie is fine. She tells him stop interfering with the investigation.  Ronnie decides everyone, but Patrick can leave.  Robin realizes she lost the watch Anna gave her and heads back up to the deck to look for it. 

Robin finds her watch. When Patrick shows up, she wonders again, why she fell near the stairs, but he found her further away.  Patrick insists again that it’s over. 

Johnny tosses water in Anthony’s face to wake him up.  He asks, why Lisa.  Anthony says he wanted someone to make Patrick regret feeling superior to him. He asks who Patrick is, to look down on him.  Johnny complains he almost died. Anthony accuses him of overreacting. If Lisa wanted him dead, he’d be dead. 

Anthony complains that his wound hurts, so Johnny deliberately pokes at it.  He asks why his father couldn’t have left well enough alone.  Anthony claims Lisa was crazy, but Johnny says she just wanted love. She needed help and Lisa should not have been woken up.  Anthony says they no longer have a doctor at their disposal. 

Alexis calls Luke a chauvinist and explains she loves her family and puts her children first.  She explains that she knows she can’t live her kids’ lives. She knows she will need to let them go.  She‘s already accepted that Sam married a mobster.  Luke says his kids live their own lives.  Alexis wonders why he’s come back and says he needs his family. 

Carly explain to Shawn that she told Jason about Jax being alive.  She says she needs Jason to believe in her. Then she admits she also needs Shawn to believe in her, but isn’t sure why.  Shawn says she should believe in herself.  She reminds him she still has one question to ask him and gets a bottle of tequila. Shawn says he doesn’t drink. He reminds her she doesn’t need to know everything about him. 

Carly wonders what Shawn is afraid of.  He tells her to lay off the tequila or she’ll regret it in the morning.  She talks about loving the water and wants to go down to the beach.  He stops her. They kiss.  He pulls away and apologizes, but she assures him it was just a kiss. 

Michael runs into Abby at the hospital.  She was out with “dancer” friends and one was attacked and taken to the hospital.  Michael feels she shouldn’t hang out with them, now that she’s no longer dancing at Vaughn’s.  Abby’s upset that he would suggest she hang out with a nicer crowd, considering he’s in the mob.  He says he’s upset that Carly and Shawn took off. Carly shouldn’t be hanging out with Shawn.  Abby says Shawn is a nice guy, but Michael feels people pretend to be nice.

Later on, Michael meets Abby’s friends and then tells Abby that it’s sad some people need to strip for a living.  He swears he’s not judging and she feels lucky to have found someone like him.  

At the hospital, Steve wants Epiphany to run tests on Olivia, to find out why she was so lightheaded, but Olivia assures him, she’s fine.  Spinelli is happy to see Maxie and explains about finding Liz in the water.  Maxie accuses Liz of pretending to have hypothermia for sympathy.  Patrick wants to stitch up Robin’s wound, but she assures him, she’ll have an intern do it. 

Maxie’s annoyed that Matt is more concerned about Liz. She questions what happened between them.  Olivia asks Steven how he got those scratches on his face. Steven admits he did something stupid.  Delores points out to Ronnie that all of them look uneasy.  Steven goes in to see Liz and says he’s happy Spinelli found her.  Liz remembers another man and says it wasn’t Spinelli.