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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Luke meets Tracy at the Metro Court, wanting her to join him for lunch. However, she wonders when he’s leaving town, since everyone is getting along without him.  Luke says she’s doing fine, moving on with Anthony.  Tracy claims there’s nothing going on with Anthony.  Tracy thinks Luke hasn’t quit drinking and that’s why he’s leaving again.  Luke swears he’s sober, but still doesn’t believe drinking killed Jake.  He doesn’t want to disappoint anyone anymore and wishes her luck without him.

Lulu shows up at the Star, asking Ethan where Lucky is. She is surprised to hear he’s gone.  Ethan natters on about how evil Liz is going to derail Lucky’s sobriety, because apparently Liz was forcing Lucky to lie down on the floor and stare at pills for hours.  Lulu reminds him that Liz practically saved Lucky’s life, after he was shot up. Ethan dismisses it, since it doesn’t go with his Liz is evil motto.

Ethan explains about Siobhan’s letter, which sort of creeps Lulu out.  Ethan feels Lucky just wanted to honor Siobhan’s wishes.  Ethan asks about Dante. Lulu says she’s worried about him getting shot again. Ethan points out that she knew Dante was a cop, but Lulu was in fantasy land denying reality.  She realizes Dante will always be in danger. She isn’t sure if she can live with that.

Ethan shows Lulu the portrait of Laura, telling her he found it at Windermere. Lulu says she wished she knew more about her mother growing up, Luke and Laura’s adventures and how Laura settling down sent her father away.  Ethan thinks she’s afraid she’ll break like Laura and that’s why she’s running from Dante.  He says Lulu needs to tell Dante.  He offers her a drink, which she turns down and leaves.

Lucky shows up at an inn in Ireland. He chats up the owner, explaining he’s there to honor his wife’s memory.  He rereads Siobhan’s letter and asks the lady about St Margaret’s Chapel.  She discourages him from going, spouting nonsense about boogity boos or some such drivel.  It’s hard to care.

Jason points out that Sam isn’t dressed for travel, she’s says she’s not leaving. Jason explains Franco hasn’t been seen since Toronto. Sam reminds him Franco disappears all the time.  Jason says he needs to follow up. Sam asks if he wants her to come, but he wants to handle it alone.  She agrees, so long as they spend what little time they have left together.

Carly regrets her tequila night. Shawn wonders what else she regrets. She says it was just a kiss, but Shawn feels she doesn’t need a relationship with her bodyguard.

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Carly wants Sam and Jason to go back to Port Charles with them. She wonders what’s so important about this honeymoon, to make Jason a target for Franco.  Sam reminds her Jason set boundaries. She doesn’t need Jason, since she has Shawn.  Sam says she doesn’t want them to live their lives looking over their shoulders. She and Jason will deal with Franco. Carly points out Franco won’t stop being a threat, just because Sam wants him to.

Jason wants Shawn to stay on, until the Franco issue has been handled. He wants him to look after Carly and the kids.  Carly wonders how much longer this honeymoon is going to last. Jason assures her only a couple more days, but then will be going after Franco. He tells her to listen to Shawn.  Carly tells him to be careful and to come home soon.  Sam thanks Jason for staying on the honeymoon a little longer.

Alexis stops by Sonny’s office and lets him know how excited Kristina is to be going to Yale.  Sonny reminds her that she owes him one. Then he asks if he can give Kris a going away dinner party.  He lists everyone he wants to invite, including Kate, saying she’s family. Alexis tells him he’s not being fair to Kate or himself.

Sonny thinks Alexis has something against Kate. She assures him that she likes Kate. She can identify with her as a strong businesswoman, but then Sonny came along and messed with her.  Sonny says he and Kate have a past. After Brenda left, he made some bad choices and Kate reached out to him.  Alexis reminds him that Kate was almost killed last time. She doesn’t want anything bad to happen to Kate, because then he’ll blame himself. Sonny says he has a chance at something good and wants to see where it goes.  She tells Sonny to be careful this time.

Michael stops by the hospital to see Dante, who’s getting antsy to be released.  Michael tells him to focus on getting better. Michael and assures him that Lulu will wait for him. Dante admits Lulu is shaken up by the shooting. He doesn’t want the trail to get cold.  Michael complains about Ronnie bothering Abby. Dante wants to know what was going on the night he was shot.

Dante knows Shawn supposedly found a homemade bomb. He doesn’t believe Sonny would let Michael continue to work there if it was real. Dante says he’s looked into Shawn’s past and found out he’s science geek. He likely made the bomb as a cover.  Michael tries to deny Dante’s suspicions, but Dante says he walked in on something. Michael can’t protect Sonny, to keep the truth from him. Michael tells Dante not to pin the shooting on Sonny, since he was off duty and handled things wrong.

On the plane, Carly wonders if she should have stayed, in case something happens.  Shawn reminds her that Jason told her to listen to him.  Shawn accidentally grabbed one of Franco’s cameras when he left.

Sam and Jason joke about who is the better surfer and head back down to the beach.  Franco lets himself out from under their bed, where he was hiding.

Lulu goes to the hospital to see Dante and says she has a confession to make.