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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Thomas and Steffy Team Up!


Steffy/Liam/Hope/Thomas:  The new Mr. and Mrs. Spencer have a huge blow up about her manipulations with Hope. Liam starts to think about Hope and what could have been. Meanwhile, Thomas starts to move in on, starting up a relationship with his stepsister. He helps Hope to try and get over Liam. Hope talks to Brooke about who is now showing interest in her. Liam debates if he should ride out his marriage or go after Hope. Later he makes a stunning announcement. The Forrester siblings, Thomas and Steffy, decide they need to keep Liam and Hope apart and for themselves. 

Thomas: He shows his new clothing line to a trusted friend, hoping it will put him back on top at Forrester.

Brooke:  The vixen from the Valley needs some help from her sister.

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Taylor/Thorne/Amber: The forgotten Forrester heads to Bikini to drown his sorrows and ends up hanging out with Ms. Moore. Doc shows up, stunning Thorne. He makes a stunning revelation to Taylor, who then shocks him. Later, Thorne and Taylor have a heart-to-heart. They talk about their romance and the road blocks they have, on the way of true happiness.

Rick/Amber: He is a bit stunned by Amber's proposal. 

Marcus/Dayzee: The two spend Veterans Day together, along with Oliver and Hope, at Dayzee's. 

Eric/Jackie: Papa Forrester looks to Mrs. Knight for a shoulder to lean on.