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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Patty Returns!


Patty: The cray-cray cat lover returns to Genoa City, which has serious ramifications for some.

Victor/Nikki: Their romance has some serious twists and turns ahead.

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Adam/Sharon: Her hidden feelings for Adam start to take its toll on her life. Meanwhile, the black sheep Newman starts to come up with a way to repair the damage to his relationship with Sharon. 

Avery/Nick/Phyllis: The legal eagle diva is thrilled with her big sister's jealousy regarding her ex and her nemesis. Meanwhile, Sharon's relationship with Nick and Faith is in jeopardy. The messy quad involving Ronan/Phyllis/Nick/Avery commences. Avery attempts to bond with Phyllis, but is rebuffed. Ronan and Phyllis' tryst turns the town upside down.

Billy: The Abbott playboy's problems intensify when Chelsea hits Genoa City. Billy works, harder than Maria writing a movie rip-off, to keep Victoria from learning about his secret in Asia.

Cane/Billy: The two become close when the Aussie con artist helps him out. Sucks to be Cane, Daniel starts to snoop around and finds out what he's hiding.

Colin: The mobster's actions lead to serious fallout with Chance, Christine and Ronan are caught in the middle.