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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Maxie’s thrilled her date has arrived, until she takes off his mask and finds Spinelli instead of Matt.   She claims to appreciate the trouble he’s gone to, but she needs to be honest. She wanted to spend the evening with Matt. Spinelli ponders fate and how it’s been a part of their relationship. If he hadn’t planned the picnic for her, she would have been onboard the yacht when Lisa attacked.

Maxie wonders about Spin’s new ability to spin a basketball. He figures he’s gained new talent since he’s lost his cyber skills. Maxie points out that a lot has changed since their non wedding. She tells him he’s coming across as desperate. However, Spinelli feels he’s being determined and he should go after what he wants.

Elizabeth wakes up in ICU. Matt explains to her what happened, but assures her that Lisa got what was coming to her.  After Liz falls asleep, Matt continues to sit by her bedside, talking. When he goes to leave, her monitors go crazy. He’s forced to intubate her and tells the nurse he’ll stay until Liz is out of the woods.

Maxie gets annoyed when Matt doesn’t return her many texts. She feels this is her worst birthday.  Spinelli gives her a bracelet for a gift and goes in for a kiss, but Maxie stops it.  

Lulu’s angry to find Delores in Dante’s room and reminds her that he’s recovering. Dante assures her that he asked Delores to come.  He realizes he walked in on something he wasn’t supposed to and that he deserves to know what.  Delores points out it’s his father’s warehouse and to ask him.

Lulu’s not happy Dante’s pushing himself by going back to work.  She feels he’s not respecting what his body went through. Dante points out that time is not on their side, to solve the case. He feels Michael knows something and is covering for Sonny.  Lulu says he’s trying to protect Michael, bust Sonny, investigate and bring to justice whoever shot him.  She says he’s going to do more damage than he realizes.

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Dante claims cops hardly ever get shot. He says they spend most of their time doing paperwork and Luke’s actually been through worse than he has.  He just wants to love Lulu and he wants to announce the engagement at dinner.   

Diane stops by Sonny’s, back from her European book tour.  She explains she ran into Brenda in Italy.  Sonny’s not interested, but Diane lets him know how well Brenda and Alec are doing. Brenda asked about him, but Diane feels she made the right decision in leaving Sonny.

Sonny doesn’t understand why she’s talking about Brenda. He accuses her of working with Jax.  She reminds him that he killed Jax, but he says no body was found.  She says everywhere she went, people were telling her how out of control Sonny was being. He needs to accept Brenda is gone and to stop using her as an excuse to do wrong.

Kate arrives and eavesdrops, as Diane continues to remind Sonny that she warned him against marrying Brenda. She tells him to be grateful they’re gone, since he’s happy Alec is gone.  They notice Kate in the doorway, who says she returned to get her purse. She and Diane hug.  Kate asks when to expect the next book. However, Diane says she’s branching out, starting a gossip column.  Sonny wonders why she would waste time with that. Diane says it a more respectable job than her current one and hands him her letter of resignation.

After she leaves, Sonny angrily turns to alcohol. Kate stops him, saying it won’t make it hurt less.  Sonny says he doesn’t care, since Diane was just an employee. Kate points out it’s another woman who walked out.  Sonny goes in for a kiss, but Kate stops him. She doesn’t want to be a stand in for Brenda.  She kisses him on the cheek before heading out.   

Johnny gets back to the garage to find Anthony suffering from his wound. He decides his father needs to be looked at.  Johnny says he knows a doctor that has something big to hide.

Lucky and the inn keeper talk about his quest and he’s as determined to go through with it as she is to prevent him. After some back and forth, he heads out to the chapel.

Olivia tells Steven that Sonny invited Lante to Kristina’s dinner. She doesn’t want Dante to go, because he needs to recuperate.  Steve points out Kristina would want her brother there, despite the fact Sonny likes to manipulate everyone. Talk turns to Lisa. Olivia wonders if she’ll be found.  They talk about his ability with a guitar. Then she leaves to get ready for Sonny’s dinner.

Johnny shows up and tells Steven that he has a patient who needs medical attention.  Steve says he doesn’t work for the mob. Johnny claims to have a story that will change his mind, so Steven goes with him to the garage.  Steven helps out Anthony. Then he tells them never to talk about this again.  Anthony wonders what Johnny has on Steve.