Adulterous Affairs Threaten to Rip The Bay Apart!

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Today's episode of The Bay could be titled "Who's Screwing Who?' Manny Ramos' (Ignacio Serrichio) romp with the very married Marly Nelson-Foster (Martha Madison) is interrupted by his frantic hermana Janice (Lilly Melgar), while Sara Garrett's (Mary Beth Evans) ex-husband Lee Nelson (Paul Satterfield) faces off with the man she cheated on him with, Lex Martin (Tristan Rogers)!

Poor Will Campbell (Derrell Whitt) is there for Vivian Johnson (Tanisha Lynn), as she comes out of her coma, but all she can think of is how Peter Garrett (Kristos Andrews) was the last boy to break her back. Then there's Peter's big brother Brian (Dylan Bruce), who is desperate to get married before some of his freaky sneaky activities catch up to him. Unfortunately for Brian, his fiance Zoey (Taylor Stanley) ain't hearing that noise! Watch this week's episode of The Bay after the jump!