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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Jason and Sam are enjoying their last day of their honeymoon, even though Sam wishes they could stay longer.  He gives her a necklace, with a shell she found on the beach.  She challenges him on who can be the most romantic and heads out.  Franco watches.

Molly’s helping Kristina pack for Yale, sorry that she can’t go to the dinner because of a cold.  She asks about Ethan. Kris says she plans to call him. Alexis joins them and gives Kris a picture of the three of them, to keep her comfort.  Alexis is sad Kris won’t need her mother anymore, but is sure she’ll be a forceful, successful woman. She’s proud of her daughter.

Kristina says she knows what her parents did for her. Alexis panics, until Kris says they loved and supported her, even though she admits she gave them a hard time and acted out a lot.  She thanks Alexis for believing in her. Alexis says she did what she thought was best.  Kristina points out to Molly that she’ll be receiving all of Alexis’ attention now.  

Molly gives Kristina, Stephan’s book of poetry and Alexis says that despite her horrible upbringing the Davis girls have turned out pretty decent.  She heads out. Molly says her goodbyes to Kristina, who’s leaving right from the party.  She admits it will be weird without Kris and wants her sister to give her full accounts of her college adventures.  When they leave, they forget the book behind.

Lulu has second thoughts about going to Kristina’s dinner, because she feels Dante just wants an ulterior motive to investigate Sonny.  He wants to go because they promised Kristina and because he wants to announce the engagement.  Lulu feels they should wait, since it’s Kristina’s night.

Olivia shows up and Dante asks what happened on the yacht. She’s not interested in that.  She wants to shout their engagement from the rooftops.  Dante says they might be waiting longer, but Lulu agrees to announce it at the party.

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Abby and Michael arrive at Sonny’s for dinner.  When Abby steps out to make a call, Michael explains to Sonny her friend was roughed up. Sonny asks if Michael wants him to take care of it, but Michael turns him down.  Michael says Dante’s getting out of the hospital, started putting things together and has reached out to him.  Sonny says Dante can’t prove anything, because he didn’t do anything.  Michael wants peace between the two of them. Sonny assures him he’ll deal with Dante. 

Michael doesn’t like lying to Dante, but doesn’t want to be sent away. It will make him look guilty of something.  Sonny figures the shooter was someone in Johnny’s organization.  Michael feels Dante has a right to know what happened to him.  Abby returns and Sonny tells them that the drugs were removed from the warehouse. He thanks Abby for protecting him and his organization.  She says she was protecting Michael.  Sonny tells them they’re moving on. Abby wonders about Johnny, but Sonny tells her not to worry about it.

Luke finds Ethan at Windermere and wonders why he’s there.  Ethan says he returned Laura’s portrait.  Luke warns him about being there and that he’ll get caught in the spell of the house.  Luke says Windermere is his history, not Ethan’s. The Spencer/Cassadine wars are over and Ethan shouldn’t volunteer to be the next casualty.  Ethan thinks he sees something or someone outside, but Luke accuses him of being paranoid.

Ethan tells Luke that he needs to stop avoiding Lulu. He says Dante is a good guy and she should be allowed to believe happiness can last.  Luke claims love makes people selfish.  Ethan reminds him that he loved Laura. He won’t make the same mistakes Luke made. Ethan asks about Tracy. Luke says he’s giving her the divorce. Ethan says Luke had love. Lucky and Lulu are proof, whereas he’s just the result of a mistake by two con artists.  Ethan feels that when Lulu and Lucky look at him, they see how their father disappointed their mother and that Luke and Laura’s great love was all a waste.

Luke swears that wasn’t the case. Ethan says he abused Laura’s love.  Luke says he felt trapped and disrespected his marriage to Laura, but he doesn’t want Ethan to make the same mistakes.  Ethan says he wants to feel something. He liked Luke’s perspective better when he was drunk.

Lulu and Dante show up at Sonny’s. He knows Lulu didn’t want to come, but she says she came for Dante.  He points out Dante will want to get back on the job. How does she feel about him putting his life on the line every day.

Dante thanks Abby for calling 911, but she assures him it was the least she could do.  Olivia complains about Sonny’s dinner. She and Lulu head out, to pick up some extra food.  Sonny sends Abby out of the room. He tells the boys he is happy to have his sons together, even though Morgan is not with them. Kristina has a good family.

Alexis shows up, still concerned Kristina will find out how she really got into Yale.  Sonny reminds her that he will collect on the debt.  Olivia and Lulu return with the food and Olivia has another dizzy spell.

Lucky shows up at the church yard, rereads Siobhan’s letter and falls asleep waiting for a sign.  When he wakes up, he sees the word “GO” written out in stones.