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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Robin’s sad that Emma didn’t stay wake up long enough to celebrate her birthday.  Patrick takes Emma to bed and then discusses with Robin how Emma loves them. She won’t care she didn’t have a big party for her birthday.  Talk turns to Lisa and Robin swears she’ll never hurt their family again. Patrick is sorry he brought her into their lives. 

The two make a video for Emma, since she’s asleep already. They let her know how wonderful she is and how happy she’s made them.  They wish their daughter a happy birthday.  Robin says she’s lucky she has Patrick in her and Emma’s life. 

Carly’s surprised to find Luke at Kelly’s.  He complains about the intervention and how Jake’s death chokes him. Carly calls him on his lack of remorse.  Luke mentions how all the Spencers are falling apart.  Carly’s surprised to hear he’s divorcing Tracy, since she feels he does love her. She doesn’t think he’d walk away from the Quartermaine money.  Luke tells her he’s on the wagon, which she doesn’t believe.  He catches her looking up the stairs and calls her out on being there to see Shawn, since she could get her coffee from Sonny.  Carly points out she and Sonny are at odds over the Jax thing.  Luke doesn’t believe Jax is dead. There was no body, no rescue mission, no reward and Skye didn’t seem broken up about it.  He thinks Carly helped Jax, but Carly denies that. She tells him to keep his thoughts about Jax to himself.  Carly gets a call from Shawn, on his night off, and realizes he’s at Jake’s. She heads out to meet him. 

Lulu’s concerned about Olivia, who swears she’s just been getting dizzy since the boat.  Lulu brings up the possibility of a pregnancy. Olivia swears up and down that she isn’t and warns Lulu not to say anything to Dante. He would worry and be overprotective.  Lulu points out she doesn’t keep secrets from Dante and refuses to lie to him. Olivia assures her nothing is wrong. 

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Kristina wants to have a word with Sonny alone, so Alexis reluctantly leaves them.  Kris is surprised at how well Sonny is handling her departure. He assures her that he’s hiding how he really feels. He’s proud of her. She worked so hard and deserved getting into Yale.  Kristina says she feels guilty about how she treated her father. Sonny points out they are very much alike. She needs to celebrate going to college and all that it will bring her. Sonny feels she’ll have a better life than he had and will always be there for her. 

Michael’s happy that Kristina and Sonny are getting along but Dante wants to know what happened the night he was shot and asks Michael not to lie to his face.  Abby steps in and tells Dante her friend was roughed up. She asks if he can help her get whoever did it.  Dante heads off to help Lulu with the food. Michael angrily tells Abby she didn’t need to step in. He can handle his brother.  Abby says she was trying to stop a fight from starting. It’s Kristina’s night.  Michael complains Dante want to incriminate Sonny. Abby tells him to say he knows nothing.  Michael asks if she wants his father to fend for himself. Abby adamantly says yes; if it means no bullet in the chest for Michael, let Sonny fend for himself.

Sonny makes a toast to Kristina, how determined she was to make her dreams come true.  He says it’s been an honor to be her father; she’s become a beautiful woman and an inspiration.  Alexis is crying throughout and admits it’s because her baby is leaving.  Kate walks in as the three hug. She apologizes and heads back out.

Sonny stops her and she angrily points out that he invited her to dinner. She’s upset he didn’t tell her it was a family gathering.  Sonny asks her to join them. She says she doesn’t belong in there.  Sonny assures her that she does. She spoke with Kristina and helped him mend fences.  They hear a loud noise from outside. Kate says Diane’s getting drunk and throwing beer cans in her koi pond.  Who knew Diane lived on the other side of Kate? 

Dante overhears Sonny thank Kate for what she did at the warehouse. As soon as she’s gone, Dante asks what Kate did for him. Sonny deflects and says she set up a photo shoot and brought publicity for his new coffee beans.  Dante wants to know what really happened, because everyone seems to know but him. Sonny tells him to be a cop after dinner.

Lulu tells Dante to put his badge down for one night and he agrees. However, he says they still need to announce their engagement.  They head into the other room and he starts to say something, but she defiantly tells him no. 

Luke’s drinking coffee by himself and takes out his flask and stares longingly at it.  Carly goes to Jake’s and spots Shawn with another woman.