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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Johnny shows up at the garage with food for Anthony. His father claims to be feeling better, but wonders what Johnny has on Steve.  Johnny’s still angry about his father letting Lisa loose on the boat people.  Anthony understands Johnny’s upset, because he couldn’t save Lisa, just like Claudia. Johnny’s angry he brought up his sister and threatens to stab him with a plastic knife.

Anthony questions why Johnny is so upset. Johnny reminds him this is the second anniversary of Claudia’s death.  He blames Anthony and Sonny for mistreating her.  Anthony feels Claudia wasn’t a victim. Johnny says she’s the only one who was there for him. Anthony sent her away.  Anthony says they were getting too close. It was unnatural and that there are things Johnny doesn’t know.  Johnny wants his father to spill the beans or stop taunting him with it.

Anthony refuses to say anything. Johnny feels Claudia was the way she was because of her father’s treatment of her.  Anthony says things are fragile and shouldn’t be pushed. The two of them need each other and Claudia wasn’t worth it.  Johnny storms out while Anthony reminds him to keep the peace.  Anthony calls someone to arrange for flowers on a grave.  So, I’m guessing Claudia tried to kill Johnny at some point, or did kill someone, like her mother.

Lulu stops Dante from announcing the engagement, saying it’s Kristina’s night.  A drunk Diane, Max and Milo show up. Sonny orders her to leave, but she refuses.  She wants to stay for dinner and offers to reimburse Kate for the dead fish.  Sonny asks Dante to arrest Diane. Kristina points out that he shouldn’t have his lawyer arrested, but Sonny says she quit on him.  Alexis tries to diffuse the situation.  Olivia tries to get Dante to make his announcement.  Lulu is sure there’s room for three more people at the table.

Sonny tells Diane she can’t show up whenever she wants. She quit and left him hanging.  Diane says she’ll leave him in capable hands, pointing to Alexis. Alexis wonders what’s going on.  Diane says there will be a takeover of the firm. Alexis will survive if she brings in a lucrative partner, but Alexis says there’s no way she’s going to represent Sonny.

Diane says she’s going to be a columnist. Sonny warns her that if she says anything about him, he’ll sue her.  Diane points to Alexis as his replacement lawyer.

Jason gets back to the cabin, to find a bottle of beer and a note from Sam. He drinks the beer, determined to win their romance bet.   When Sam gets back, she finds a bottle of beer and a note from Jason.

Shawn wonders why Carly is at Jake’s. She says tomorrow is her birthday and she’s celebrating.  Shawn’s date, Rinelle, wonders about their relationship. Carly tells her about their time in Hawaii, making it sound more romantic than it was.  Shawn asks her about Josslyn, who apparently is with Bobbie.  (If this is the anniversary of Claudia’s death, isn’t it also Josslyn’s birthday?)  Lots of birthdays happening at the same time, Robin, Maxie, Emma, Josslyn and Carly to name a few.

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Carly sets the jukebox to the song she and Shawn danced to at Kelly’s. She wants to dance with him.  He reminds her he’s there with someone, changes the song and dances with his girl.

Max and Milo hug Kristina goodbye.  Dante tells her to be normal at Yale.  Alexis is about to leave when Ethan arrives to say his goodbye.  Sonny’s not happy to see him, but Alexis tells him to back off.  Olivia’s feeling dizzy again and tells Lulu she’s leaving.

Kristina and Ethan have a private moment to say their goodbyes.  Ethan assures her she’ll experience a better world.  He says he admires her and to take full advantage of the opportunities.  She thanks him for saving her and being her friend.  He gives her a friendship bracelet for a gift, which she accepts. She reminds him her heart will be waiting for him.

Alexis is again ready to head out, but Sonny says he has cake for Kristina.  Lulu tells Dante that Olivia went home.  He asks about the announcement but she reminds him it’s Kris’ night.

Abby wonders why Michael seems upset.  He points out it’s the anniversary of killing Claudia.  Sonny listens as he explains he still remembers everything.  Abby assures him it’s over now. Michael asks her not to say anything to Kristina.  Sonny makes a call and leaves.

Carly asks Coleman if he’s seen Shawn and Ranelle together before.  Coleman wonders if she wants his help in making Shawn jealous. Carly turns him down.  Johnny shows up. Carly sidles over to him and wants him to buy her a birthday drink.  Johnny says he’s not safe company tonight, but that just makes Carly happier.  Carly wants to dance.  Ranelle asks Shawn to leave, but he thinks he should stay to keep an eye on Carly.  Johnny realizes Carly wants to make Shawn jealous and lets her know that Ranelle is a dancer from his club. Carly kisses Johnny, as Sonny walks in and sees.

Kristina tells Lulu to take care of Dante.  She tells Dante not to fight with Sonny.  She apologizes to Abby for treating her so bitchy.  She and Michael hug. She says she wished he would come with her.  Michael says he made different choices than she did and to be herself at Yale.  Kristina and Alexis leave.

Dante asks to speak to Michael alone, so Abby and Lulu leave.  He tells Michael to follow the same advice he just gave Kristina, to follow his own path.  He says to stay out of whatever Sonny is hiding.

Jason wakes up, locked in a room with a television monitor.  He yells at Franco to let him out.  On screen, he watches Sam go into the bathroom for a shower. He yells again to leave her out of it and to come at him directly.  He watches as Franco heads towards Sam in the shower.

Goodbye Lexi Ainsworth.  You will be missed.