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Will DAYS Have an Easier Time Telling a Gay Storyline Than Other Soaps?

Will Horton is as gay as a Revenge plot twist and now poor Chandler Massey can get back to tweeting and giving interviews like a normal soap star, since DAYS has finally confirmed what we've all known for months. The hunky Days of Our Lives star gave his first interview discussing Will's sexuality to Greg In Hollywood last week. Any chance Will and Sonny (Freddie Smith) will go from Friends to Lovers anytime soon? Here's what Massey had to say:


I love the fact that [the writers] are developing a friendship between Sonny and Will, I feel it’s more realistic,” he said. “Just like in any realistic relationship, there will be a basis of friendship there first before there would be anything romantic.

I for one am glad DAYS is taking its time in telling this story. We've seen what happens when daytime goes full steam ahead with a gay storyline. Five ignorant people from Nowheresville, U.S.A. gets a case of righteous indigestion, start a campaign, sponsors and/or the network freaks; then we get kissing bans, lesbians baking cookies as a form of foreplay and/or the gay couple getting blamed for all things wrong with the show, including CGI tornadoes, rapemances and Morasco Fiascos.

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DAYS has obviously learned from the experiences of One Life to Live, Guiding Light, As The World Turns and All My Children before them, and has smartly decided to go slow. It was also inspired to have both Sonny and Will come from core families. Since Justin, Adrienne, Victor, Sami and Marlena love these boys, maybe, just maybe, the soap fans who may have issues with gays can learn to love them too? What do you guys think?

Will DAYS have an easier time teling Will's coming out story than other soaps that have gone before it?