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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Sonny breaks up Carly and Johnny’s kiss. Johnny warns him to keep his hands off.  Carly wants Sonny to stay out of her business.  Sonny says he’s looking out for her best interests and he wants to save her from herself.  Carly says he has zero say in what she does or who she sees.  Sonny accuses Johnny of taking advantage of Carly’s grief.  Carly accuses Sonny of being the cause of said grief, having taken out Jax.  Sonny warns her to shut it, since they’re in public.  Carly asks if he’s threatening her. Johnny feels that’s how Sonny treats all his women.  Sonny says he can take out Johnny and bangs a chair.  Shawn steps in and Kate shows up.

Kate accuses Sonny of picking fights with boys over trash. However, Carly says at least she’s admitted who she is and isn’t hiding under a new name.  Kate accuses Carly of provoking Sonny. Carly accuses her of protecting Sonny from her.  Kate says Carly was raised in a trailer park, Carly calls her Bensonhurst trash.  Carly tells her she has no interest whatsoever in Sonny and to stay out of her face.

Sonny continues to snark out Johnny.  Shawn tells them it’s not the time or place.  Sonny wants to take things outside.  Carly interrupts and Sonny tells her Shawn isn’t taking care of her like a bodyguard should.  Carly asks Johnny to go someplace else with her. They leave together. Sonny says Shawn should have dealt with Johnny, instead of being on a date.  Shawn tells Ranelle he’s going after Carly. She points out he’s more interested in Carly than he’s letting on.

Sonny interrupts Coleman and Kate laughing together. He tells her she’s made her point, she wanted to get a reaction from him and she did.  Kate says she didn’t come to Jake’s looking for Sonny. However, he admits he was looking for her.  Sonny admits Johnny gets under his skin but wants to focus on Kate now.  She wants him to remember their past, the first song they danced to.  He wonders what it’s all about and she says she wants to go back to being Connie, who wasn’t shot on her wedding day. She wants to hold him and never let him go.

Matt examines Liz and assures her she’ll make a full recovery.  She wants to find the man who pulled her from the water to thank him. However, Matt feels she conjured him up and she needs to thank Spinelli. Liz assures him she didn’t imagine her hero, nor did she drag herself out of the water or perform CPR on herself.  Liz is worried about her boys. Matt assures her Steve and Audrey have been taking care of them. He wants to call Lucky.  She tells him Lucky’s gone on a quest to Ireland and she refuses to interfere.

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Maxie shows up, accusing Matt of being shallow and that he took Liz with him on the yacht.  Matt reminds her that it wasn’t a fun experience, Liz was nearly killed.  Maxie says she expected his help for her magazine article. He counters, saying his article will save lives.  She’s upset that on her birthday, he was holding Liz’ hand.  Liz snarks she deliberately was thrown in the water to lure Matt to her side.  Maxie spots the birthday present in Matt’s pocket and assumes it’s for Liz.  Matt plays it up, by giving it to Liz.  Maxie warns him to brush up on his rescuing skills and storms off.

Matt apologizes to Liz for Maxie’s behavior.  Liz reminds him Maxie is selfish and self absorbed. She doesn’t understand why he’d want to date someone so shallow, but understands opposites attract. Maxie brings out the fun side of Matt.  She’s surprised Maxie would believe the gift was for her. Liz wonders if Matt shouldn’t continue to let Maxie think that.  Matt thinks jealousy is a dangerous game. He tells her a story about a girl in grade six that he tried to make jealous.  Liz suddenly starts feeling poorly and alarms on her monitors start going off.

Lucky drags the inn keeper out to the churchyard and wonders if she left him the GO sign to get rid of him.   She denies it, but tells him to heed the warning.  He falls asleep again and wakes up to the word HOME, added to the GO.

Spinelli is doing online research about white lights, when Max and Milo show up. They demand he find the missing twenty million.  Spin turns to a gambling website and manages to win the boys some money.

Jason watches as Sam passes out in the shower. Franco grabs her and carries her to the bed. Jason continues to scream he’ll kill Franco.  Franco covers the camera, leaving Jason unable to see what’s happening.

Maxie shows up at the PI firm and plants a kiss on Spinelli, who realizes that she’s been fighting with Matt. He questions whether she’s being fair to him.  Maxie apologizes and heads back out, leaving Spin to wonder if he’s playing this right.

Carly’s getting flirty with Johnny, who points out that she was doing everything to make Shawn jealous. He asks if she realizes what night it is, She says it’s her daughter’s birthday.  Johnny says it’s the anniversary of Claudia’s death and the right people haven’t paid for it yet.

What is wrong with the editors of this show?  Over at GH, it’s still October 31st, because Maxie said it was still her birthday.  Yet, over at Jake’s, it’s November 3rd-4th, Claudia’s anniversary.  And apparently it’s night time everywhere, including Ireland and Hawaii.   Now that that’s off my chest, onto the show.