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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Lulu and Dante get home, after weeks in the hospital.  He’s still complaining about wanting to announce the engagement at the party. She reminds him of Kristina and tells him Olivia wasn’t feeling well with dizzy spells. Dante calls his mother, who assures him she’s fine.  He and Lulu discuss the night of the engagement and everything Lulu put together, only to have it fall apart with the call that he’d been shot.  She feels bad for not accepting the first time. 

Dante says he’ll be happy if she puts on the ring. She gets it and he slips it onto her finger.  He assures her that love will get them through.  She decides to leave, but he doesn’t want her to.  She reminds him he was just released from the hospital and can’t engage in any activity.  He begs, so she offers to sleep on the couch.  Once he’s asleep, she pulls out the bottle of champagne from the fridge and has a drink. 

Kate feels Sonny needs to confront his past and face it. Sonny doesn’t want to go down memory lane with Kate. It’s too painful, because his life is a mess.  He remembers her as the beautiful girl he ended up losing.  He wants to focus on now and face the future.  She reminds him he bought his old house as a power move. 

Kate asks about Johnny and Carly. Sonny feels Carly can do whatever she wants. He wants to concentrate on Kate.  Kate wants to dance.  Coleman switches the song on the jukebox. Sonny unplugs it and the two dance to an imaginary song.  They almost kiss, but pull back.  He decides to call it a night, which surprises Kate.  Sonny says he wants to take things slow. He was in a mood about Johnny and doesn’t want their time together to be because he was in a mood.  He says he hopes to see her soon, and leaves.

Coleman says he doesn’t appreciate Kate using him to get Sonny’s attention. He’s tired of being Sonny’s flunky.  He tells her there are other bars in town and to go to one of those.  Kate says she likes Jake’s and doesn’t care if he’s jealous.  Coleman tells her to finish her drink and get out. 

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Carly reminds Johnny that Michael paid for Claudia’s death. He says he’s not talking about Michael.  She then wonders if he means her. However, Johnny blames Sonny, Anthony and himself.  Carly says Claudia was messed up from the beginning and there was nothing Johnny could have done.  He says all Claudia wanted was to be loved. He thought no one was a lost cause, but he was wrong.  Johnny feels things happen beyond your control. He starts to advance on Carly, until Shawn arrives and stops him.  Before he leaves, Johnny warns her to stay away from Sonny and not to fall back on her old patterns. 

Carly’s angry about Shawn’s interference. However, he says it’s his job to make sure she’s safe and right now she’s drunk. He then tells her  he’s taking her home.  Carly wonders why he blew her off for a date with Ranelle and thinks it’s because she’s white.  Shawn claims it has nothing to do with race.  Carly says something’s happening between them and wants to figure out whether he’s a player or a gentleman. 

Shawn can’t cross the line and reminds her that she’s drunk, still married, pissed about Jax, Sonny’s involvement and angry with Jason for getting married.  Carly accuses him of using her bad relationships as a lack of interest. She tells him to stop acting interested if that’s the case.  He tells her she doesn’t want to get involved with him. 

Olivia’s reading the instructions to a home pregnancy test when Steve shows up.  She hides the test under the couch cushion.  They make small talk and she offers to feed him.  When she goes to get the food, he gets a call from his Memphis doctor. He then finds the pregnancy test under the cushion.  When she returns with the food, he makes an excuse that he has to get back to the hospital and high tails it out of there. 

Jason wonders what Franco has done to Sam.  Franco releases him and he runs back to the cabin.  He wakes up Sam and asks her what she remembers.  She goes through it all and knows he was in bed with her.  Jason tells her it wasn’t him, but Franco, who was in bed with her.

Olivia’s ready to read her test results, when Sonny shows up at the door.

Kate leaves Jake’s. Johnny follows her. 

Shawn’s distracted by something and tells Carly she needs to leave.  She wonders what he’s looking at and is shocked by it.