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More Gossip on Jonathan Jackson's Upcoming General Hospital Exit!

While Jonathan Jackson's departure from General Hospital has been rumored online for weeks, news that the actor actually made the decision to quit has been a shocker for soap fans and the industry. Since the initial report, more deets have come out about what possibly made Jackson decide Port Charles wasn't such a 'Lucky' fictional city to live in anymore.


According to TV Guide's Michael Logan, setsiders claim Jackson "is exhausted from a heavy work schedule and months of a harrowing storylines that have included the death of Lucky's child and the character's addiction to drugs. " Meanwhile, ABC Soaps In Depth is reporting ABC Daytime may be scrambling to convince Jackson to stay. I know, why not hire a new showrunner and head writer? Wendy Riche and Sri Rao, anyone?

It's really no wonder such a talented actor would want to make a canonball dive off the sinking ship that has become General Hospital. Anyone tuning in this week to see the multiple Daytime Emmy sitting in a doggone Irish cemetary, waiting for a sign from his dead, five-minute wife, while fending off "watchers" and old women with bad Irish brogue, can quickly see why he's considering other career options. We all know ABC wants out of the soap game, but is it really necessary to allow the daytime drama that invented Love in the Afternoon to go out like this? 

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