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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


At first, Sam refuses to believe what Jason is telling her about Franco. She then demands to know what Franco did to her.  Jason admits he didn’t see, because the monitor was covered.  Jason promises to kill Franco.  Jason wants to take her to the hospital (as everyone knows you should). However, Sam not only doesn’t want to get checked out, but decides to have a shower and wash away any evidence.  Sam cries in the shower and Jason comforts her. 

Olivia with the pregnancy test, tries to turn Sonny away. She claims she’s too tired for visits, but he insists he wants to talk to her about Kate.  He wonders why she told Kate to come and help him.  Olivia says Kate’s afraid of getting her heart broken again.  Kate calls and tells Sonny that her car has broken down, so he offers to come and help. 

Steve’s drowning his sorrows in a beer at Jake’s.  Coleman thinks he’s upset about losing a patient, but soon realizes it’s a woman. He commiserates, bringing up Kate.  Matt shows up to drown his sorrows, but his are because his patient died before he could get him into his trial.  Steve commiserates and assures him there will be another patient.  Matt apologizes for what happened to Liz and to everyone on the boat.  The two get paged back to the hospital and leave. 

Shawn sees a body in the water.  Carly isn’t surprised, since this is Sonny’s territory. However, Shawn doesn’t think Sonny would be that sloppy.  Shawn recognizes Lisa and calls the police.  He tells Carly to leave, since she’s drunk and can blurt out anything.  Carly likes arguing with him, since it’s the most attention she can get.  She wants to know why he won’t’ open up to her. She figures he was hurt by someone.  Shawn says information is power and he’s not giving her any. 

Patrick gets home and takes off his wet shoes.  Robin wonders where he’s been and why his shoes are wet.  He claims to have walked through the neighbor’s yard and the sprinklers went off. (Sprinklers in November?)  Or should I say “Octovember”, since this part of town is still on Halloween!).  Robin wants to play hooky from work tomorrow so Patrick reminds her that he still wants to go away.  She feels they should wait until things calm down, but he says they never do.  Robin agrees and Patrick starts to tickle her, but the stitches on her arm open up and she starts to bleed.  She doesn’t want Patrick to touch it and says she’s going to the hospital to have someone stitch them up. 

Johnny comes across Kate in her car.  She’s suspicious that he left the bar before her, yet ended up behind her.  He says he’s been driving around and offers to take a look at the car, which she argues about at first, but then gets him his flashlight.  Johnny decides he can’t fix the car, but offers to have it towed to his garage and taken care of. 

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Sonny and Olivia show up.  Kate says the car can’t be fixed, but Olivia figures she knows enough about cars to check it out.  While she’s checking under the hood, she has two more dizzy spells. Sonny tells Johnny to take her home. 

Ronnie is suspicious to find Sharly at the crime scene on the pier, although he’s not surprised to find a dead body in Sonny’s territory.  He questions them, wondering why they’re hanging out in warehouses.  Shawn grabs Carly’s hand and claims they came for the privacy, since it’s one of Sonny’s abandoned warehouses and they were looking for some alone time.  Ronnie doesn’t believe they were hooking up. He says Sonny would never allow it.  Carly claims that Sonny doesn’t own her. 

Ronnie accuses them of killing Lisa themselves, after she caught them in their tryst, but Shawn denies that.  Carly wants to leave, but Ronnie tells her they need to go down to the station to give their statement. 

After Ronnie leaves, Carly thanks Shawn for protecting her, but points out that he can let go of her hand now that they’re alone.  She says she’s happy they’ll have to keep up the charade for the cops, saying she always gets what she wants. 

When Robin gets to the hospital, Steve and Matt think she’s there to cover for them, until they get sober.  She admits things have been messed up lately with the Lisa stuff.  Delores shows up and lets them know that Lisa’ body has been found in the water.  Matt figures she drowned.  Steve wonders at the cause of death.  Delores admits it isn’t looking like an accident. 

Johnny takes Olivia home.  She wonders if he’s using her family members to start a mob war, but he assures her he came across Kate’s car by accident.  They both wonder who messed with Kate’s car.  Johnny tells her to call him if she needs anything. 

Kate wonders why Sonny was with Olivia. He jokingly accuses her of being jealous.  He reminisces about another mind numbingly annoying story from their childhood.  They share a kiss. 

After her shower, Sam lays in Jason arms, looking at the stars in the sky.  He knows that they make her feel safe.  Sam looks unhappy.