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Is Prospect Park Benching All My Children?

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Things are not looking good for All My Children fans waiting for the show to relaunch on Prospect Park's The Online Network in January 2012. ABC Soaps In Depth is reporting PP will continue with One Life to Live only. The magazine revealed this shocking information on Twitter stating:

Saw this coming: Sources say Prospect Park won't be moving forward with #AMC, they've decided to focus on #OLTL exclusively. Deets soon...

Soaps In Depth elaborates further on their website:

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According to our insiders, the company -- which, over the summer, acquired the licensing rights for both AMC and ONE LIFE TO LIVE from ABC -- has decided that they only need one soap opera for their new Internet channel, The Online Network. And since TOLN had gotten further along in the process with their plans for OLTL, word is that they are not moving forward with the AMC reboot. 

In September, Deadline reported Prospect Park was dealt with a huge blow, when soap legend Susan Lucci passed on the deal she was offered. The site claims once Lucci shot down PP's offer, they decided to focus solely on OLTL and refocus on AMC. As it stands, Cameron Mathison and Lindsay Hartley are the only two that have inked deals with TOLN.