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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Sam can’t stand to go back into the cabin, so Jason goes in and finds the seashell necklace.  He wants her to go back to Port Charles, while he searches for Franco. However, Sam’s not having it.  She wants to know where to start looking.  They find the cell that Jason was held in, with Franco’s signature.  Jason angrily rips the TV monitor off the wall, yelling at Franco.  Sam tells him that’s what Franco wants. She just wants it all to be over. 

The two find a dead hula girl in a room, with Franco’s signature. Sam doesn’t understand Franco’s plan.  Jason tells her that he’s seen what Franco wanted him to see and that they’re going home. 

Tracy finds Luke at the Star.  She wonders why he’s still in town and whether he’s spoken to his kids.  Luke says he spoke to the boys, but has been avoiding Lulu for her sake.  Tracy feels he owes it to Lulu to reach out to her.  She wonders if he doesn’t owe it to his grandson. Luke is angry that she’d bring up Jake.  She says she’s talking about Aiden and lets him know Lucky is the bio dad. 

Luke’s angry no one told him, but Tracy reminds him that he was nowhere to be found, spends most of his time with Helena and figured she’d told him. Luke says he has no use for a grandchild, but Tracy tells him he needs to be present.  Luke says everyone is so needy. What do they need from him.  Tracy wonders why he came back. 

Luke says it’s not his job to save people, but Tracy says he’s a parent with a family that is falling apart. He owes them support and guidance.  Luke says he owes no one. His life is his own.  Tracy leaves and Luke opens a bottle of alcohol.

Lulu’s concerned about Dante’s health. She drags him to the hospital to be checked out.  They run into Delores, with her autopsy report.  Dante’s curious, but Delores reminds him he’s on sick leave and it doesn’t concern him.  Dante gets a clean bill of health, so Lulu heads off to see Liz. 

Liz is itching to go home to her boys. However, Matt assures her they are in good hands. She needs to stay at least another day.  He tells her Lisa’s body showed up, dead.  Liz wonders how he knew in advance that she was dead. He figures it was wishful thinking. Liz thanks him for taking good care of her. 

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Lulu pops by to see Liz.  She mentions not having heard from Lucky.  Liz tells her where he is and that it’s his life.  Lulu assures her that they will work things out. Liz feels they always screw things up.  Lulu wonders about Dante, since forever could be gone quickly.  Liz points out that at least he’s on the right side of the law. Maybe they shouldn’t be together if Lulu has doubts. 

Lucky asks the inn keeper if she wrote the new message for him, but she denies it.  She thinks his mind is playing tricks on him. Maybe he sent himself the message.  She talks about losing her husband and waiting for his message.  Lucky goes back to the churchyard, falls asleep, wakes up to dreams of Jake and finds the message “GO HOME DADDY”.

Steve’s taking care of Cam and Aiden.  He explains to Aiden about his panic on seeing the test.  Olivia shows up to help.  He watches while she and Aiden bond. Later, she helps Cam with his homework.  Steve gets a call that Lisa’s autopsy is ready. Olivia says she’s glad Lisa’ dead and Steve heads over to the hospital.

Lulu shows up to see Olivia, who wonders why she isn’t wearing the ring.  She feels Dante might not be seeing the truth. She says Lulu shouldn’t go through with it if she’s not sure.  Lulu assures her she will tell everyone soon enough. 

The woman with the scary clown mask is reading the newspaper about Lisa’s death.  She cuts up the article, puts it in her purse and heads out. 

Mac shows up at the hospital. Matt mentions everyone being glad that Lisa is dead.  Delores gives Mac the autopsy report. It says Lisa was dead before she hit the water, she didn’t drown. Lisa was murdered.  Delores says Lisa was hit in the head with an object, some kind of tool, but there will be a forensic follow up. 

Mac tells her to search the boat again. He also wants to speak to everyone again.  She lists all those who were on the boat, including Liz.  Mac tells her to rule out Liz, since she was thrown overboard while Lisa was still alive, but everyone else is suspect.  Matt admits everyone wanted her dead.  Steve feels it would have been self defense, but Delores says it would have been reported as such.  Dante’s annoyed to hear his mother’s name on the list, claiming Olivia didn’t do it. 

Mac says everyone needs to go down to the station for questions.  Matt’s fine with it. He claims he’s got nothing to hide, but whoever did it deserves a medal.  Steve says no one is mourning Lisa’s loss, but that he doesn’t know anything.  Dante tells Mac he’s healthy and wants on the case. 

As Steven’s leaving, the clown mask woman shows up and he recognizes her as Maggie.