How Will Fatherhood Impact John McBain's Life on OLTL?

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How will One Life to Live’s John McBain react when he learns Liam is actually his son? In an interview with TV Guide, Michael Easton discusses John’s reaction to the truth, John and Natalie’s (Melissa Archer) romantic struggles, becoming a real-life father and why he decided to join Prospect Park’s OLTL.

TV Guide Magazine: So John's not even a little bit pissed about the time he's missed with his son?

Easton: He has a second or two of denial but then he really embraces fatherhood. It's almost like he's had some sort of spiritual guidance here. He's always had an affinity for Liam and I think he was hoping for this all along. Not that it's going to be easy. He doesn't know what to do when there's a problem, or what to grab. He hasn't read the books. Basically, I'm doing Michael Keaton in Mr. Mom.

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