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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Shawn’s preparing a package for someone when Carly arrives, ready to unload her issues on him. He’s not interested, saying that today is not about her.  Carly wonders what today is and he reminds her that it’s Veteran’s Day. It means something to him.

Carly didn’t realize and wonders if it’s difficult for him.  He explains that the package he has is for the son of the soldier he accidentally killed.  He talks about the boy. He says he’s trying to keep the father’s memory alive.  Carly reassures him that he isn’t defined by the one mistake. He’s a great friend.  Shawn’s sorry the boy won’t remember his father. Carly realizes that Shawn must have lost his father at a young age.  Shawn admits he watched his father die.

Shawn explains what happened.  His father died in a store robbery. Shawn blames himself, which Carly tells him not to.  Shawn isn’t happy he unloaded all of this on her.  Carly understands he’s scared to get close. To get hurt.  They hold hands.  Shawn has a service flag he hangs in the window and he and Carly toast with a glass of milk, a ritual with his father.

Liz is desperately trying to get out of bed and get home to her boys. Matt stops her, telling her she’s suffering from pneumonia and is running a high fever.  Liz confuses him with the man who pulled her out of the water, calling him her hero.  Liz mutters she’s lost Lucky, Jason and Nikolas.  She starts hallucinating Jake calling for her. She cries that Jake needs her, because he’s so scared.  Monica comes in to check.  Matt explains that Liz’ fever is spiking and she’s hallucinating.

Steve drags Maggie into one of the conference rooms. She gets all flirty with him. He wonders about the clown costume on Halloween. She’s surprised he knew it was her, but assures him she was just getting the lay of the land.  Didn’t we just get rid of a blonde, over sexed doctor from someone’s past? Did we really need another one?

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Steve explains the new chief of staff has rules, something that Maggie doesn’t seem interested in. She reminds him of a child from their past and where he is today is because she broke the rules when she treated him. Seriously General Hospital, do we need someone else reminiscing about the past we never watched them have?  Sonny and Olivia, Sonny and Kate and now Steve and Maggie.  Oy.

Olivia finds them together. Steve introduces her as ‘his’ Olivia, which amuses Maggie.  Olivia tells Steve that Liz’s boys are with Lulu.  He assures her he loves kids.  She wants them to go away for a couple of days, but he says they’re suspects and can’t leave.  Besides, he feels he needs to help Maggie get situated. Olivia wonders just how close they were.

Jason and Sam get home to the penthouse, to find wedding gifts everywhere.  Jason feels bad for her, but she wants him to stop apologizing for what Franco did. She tells him he can’t fix this for her.  Jason wonders if she should talk to a shrink or Alexis. Sam doesn’t want to open up to a stranger or her mother.  She says she feels helpless, dirty and stupid.

Jason assures her all he sees is his wife, the woman he loves. His feelings for her haven’t changed.  He knows she’s always stood by him.  Sam’s angry she ignored the danger and insisted they stay on the honeymoon. She feels like a different person now.  Jason tells her Franco can’t ruin why he loves her.  Sam tells him to go to the hospital for his check up, saying she wants to rest. He leaves.

Sam opens a gift and then angrily throws the rest around the room, before collapsing on the couch, crying.  She gets a garbage bag and tosses the gifts in it.

Lucky sees the message, calls out for Jake and heads back to talk to the innkeeper. He lets her in on the latest.  He explains his dream of Jake.  The inn keeper tells him Jake is sending him a message and there will be consequences if he doesn’t listen to it.

Jason shows up to the hospital for his check up, but has to wait since Patrick’s in surgery.  He overhears Monica ask Epiphany to get a hold of Steven and send him to Liz’ room.  Monica is surprised, but happy to see Jason back in town.  She wonders if everything is ok. He assures her it is.  Jason asks about Liz and is shocked to hear what happened with Lisa.

Jason goes to Liz’s room. She hugs him, saying she knew he’d come for her.  Liz says she’s so scared for the boys, Jake is in trouble and she needs help saving him.  Matt watches as the two hug.