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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Thanksgiving Drama Ensues at The Forresters!


Forrester Thanksgiving: Chaos hits the fan at the Forrester family's Thanksgiving dinner. Taylor shows up as Thorne's date. Meanwhile, Brooke and the Forrester clan is stunned by the hostility between Rick and Thomas.

Ridge: The chiseled one comes up with a wacky scheme to bring the family closer together.

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Stephanie/Pam: La Forrester is in the dog house with her baby sister. Pam listens in on Stephanie talking and has a showdown with her about how crappy her life has been.

Steffy/Liam/Hope: The Forrester hellcat comes up with a plan to show her stepsister how in love and happy she and Liam are. Steffy's bravado on her status as Liam's wife is starting to slip, when she sees how her husband looks at Hope. Meanwhile, Liam and Hope disappear from prying eyes and show how much they love each other.

Jackie: Mrs. Knight pulls a Sally Spectra and decides to snatch Eric's designs and pass them off as Jackie M's.

Forrester Creations/Jackie M: The two dueling fashion houses gear up for a fashion show on the same day.