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The Young and The Restless Spoilers: Phyllis and Avery Are Stuck Together!


Phyllis/Avery: The sisters are stuck together during Thanksgiving.

Billy/Victoria: Buck up Villy fans! The two are finally back together.

Myrna/Jack/Genevieve: Patty puts the kibosh on Old Smilin' Jack and Genevieve's turkey day plans.

Neil/Sofia: The two have little Moses christened. Later, Neil's question shocks Sofia.

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Cane: The Aussie con man debates snitching to Jill about Billy's secret.

Tucker/Ashley: The two get married, yet again.

Victor/Victoria/Billy/Jill: The Black Knight hires Tank, to guard over his son-in-law. However, it sucks to be Victor when Tank decides to help Billy out after hearing his story about little Delia. Tank sneaks Billy into the hospital to see his little girl. Victor is not amused when he heads to Billy's and sees he is missing. Tank and Billy come up with a lie about their whereabouts to Victor. Later, Billy fills Tanks in all about his relationship with Victoria, prompting the guard to help Billy again.

Meanwhile, Victoria and Jill locate a man who informs them he knows Billy. He tells them about Billy being busted for drugs. The women are very doubtful of the story he's feeding them, but the guy tells he has proof. Jill and Victoria head to meet the guy, he breaks out a knife! He then informs the ladies he's going to plant drugs on them and hold them hostage for a huge ransom. The thug then fills them in on a secret: Billy had the same thing done to him! Luckily for Victoria and Jill, someone saves them from the same fate.

Kevin: He stands up to Mr. Mumbles.

Chelsea: She heads to Genoa City to help out Billy.