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Shameless’ Emmy Rossum Remembers Her First SAG Job at As The World Turns

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Showtime’s fantastic dramedy Shameless returns on January 8 for its second season, and we can’t wait to see how  Fiona Gallagher juggles her crazy family this time around. However, before Emmy Rossum landed the role of Fiona, her first SAG  gig was on As the World Turns as Abigail Williams.  Included in a profile of SAG lead actress contenders by The Hollywood Reporter, Rossum remembers her ATWT audition:

My First SAG Job: On As the World Turns. I played Holden and Molly's daughter Abigail. I desperately wanted the part. I was 11 and had been studying X and Y chromosomes, dominant genes and recessive genes. I watched the show the day before my audition and realized the two actors who played the parents both had blue eyes. I had just learned in school that two blue-eyed parents can't have a brown-eyed child. So I went into the audition and said if they wanted me, I would go get contact lenses to have blue eyes. They cast me and said, "Make sure she brings her contacts."

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