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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sam comes home to find Spinelli, arranging a small Chinese food spread for her and Jason to enjoy.  He asks about the honeymoon, but Sam says they kept to themselves.  He spots the shell necklace and points out the shell represents fertility. He wonders if there is something to tell in that area, but Sam denies the thought.

Spin mentions his cyber skills are gone and he feels worthless now, because he’ll disappoint people. He also is planning on moving out.  Sam doesn’t want him to leave, saying they like having him living upstairs and nothing has changed.

Sonny asks Jason about the honeymoon. Jason claims everything was fine.  Sonny’s heard about Franco and Carly crashing the honeymoon.  Jason explains Shawn was with her. Sonny badmouths Shawn.  Jason angrily tells him not to start on Shawn, since he was helpful to Jason.  Sonny wonders why Jason’s so angry.

Jason wonders what mess he needs to clean up, but Sonny says it’s not needed. Everything is fine, including his kids.  He tells Jason about Kate, but doesn’t know where things will go.

Lulu’s surprised to find her father at the door, since she didn’t know he was back in town.  Lulu wonders why he’s there, since he’s not there to see her, Lucky’s away and Liz is in hospital.  Luke says he heard he had a grandson and wanted to see him. Luke says Aiden looks like Lucky and wonders how they missed that.  Lulu points out he was too busy drinking to notice anything.  She wonders how long he’s been back and why he’s been hiding from her, acting like she doesn’t exist.  Lulu says he needs to give her some face time, because she was the only one who didn’t give up on him.  

Luke claims he didn’t want to cause more damage, but Lulu tells him he needs to respect her as his daughter and not disappear, without dealing with the damage he’s caused.  Luke asks why she went to the Cassadine compound and she’s shocked to hear that he was there.  Lulu tells him she bought the Star to give him incentive and then went to the Cassadine’s to find him.  He tells her he’s quit drinking and she has a new family with Dante that she can count on.

Luke assures her that he wouldn’t have come to Liz’ house, if he’d known Lulu was there. She sarcastically tells him he knows how to make her feel better.  Luke tells her they can never have a moment together, because of her fear of abandonment.  Lulu tells him not to psychoanalyze her and to stop implying Dante is like him or that Luke cares about her life.  Luke blames Helena for putting thoughts in Lulu’s head about men leaving.

Lulu gets a call from Cameron at his sleepover. He’s forgotten his inhaler, so she tells Luke to watch Aiden while she takes it to him.

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Ethan shows up at Liz’s hospital room.  Steve tells him she’s ok, considering what Lisa did to her.  Ethan wonders how she got herself out of the water. Matt scoffs about the story of the savior from Spoon Island.  Ethan says the world is better off without Lisa and wonders who the suspects are.  Matt says everyone on the boat, but Liz.  Matt questions Steve about a test for Liz, saying everyone’s been distracted lately.

Ethan visits with Liz, letting her know the boys are in good hands.  Liz asks about Lucky, but Ethan says he’s still away.  Ethan tells her to stop worrying, she came very close to dying and asks about the mysterious stranger.  Liz says he was real and saved her life.  Ethan believes her, since he’s spending time at Spoon Island.  He asks Liz about Laura.  Liz says she loved her mother in law, but tells Ethan to be careful of Windermere. Her best friend died there and she cheated on Lucky with Nik there.  She tells him Windermere is a dark place.

In the churchyard, Lucky yells that he needs more and wonders what whoever is trying to tell him.  He angrily messes up the message, falls asleep. When he wakes, the message is back with the word SICK added to it.  The next time he looks, the word HURRY has been added.

Lucky calls Liz’ house.  Luke hears his voice on the machine and picks up. He explains that Liz is in the hospital.  Lucky asks if Aiden is ok. Luke assures him that he is.  Lucky tells his father to take Aiden to the hospital right away.  Luke is confused, since Aiden seems fine.  Lucky asks if he’s sober. Luke says he is and Lucky tells him to get Aiden to the hospital right away.

Lucky tells the innkeeper he got his message and is going home.  The innkeeper goes to the churchyard and gets her own message. Why we should care, I don’t know.

Lulu comes back to find Aiden and Luke gone.

Jason sits alone and reads the rape pamphlet.

Sam reads the fortune cookie which reads, ‘love will take you places you never thought possible’

Ethan returns to Windermere and the portrait of Laura and finds wet footsteps from Liz’ savior.

Luke straps Aiden into a car seat and heads to the hospital, while Lucky boards a plane praying to God to help them both.