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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Every once in a while, we get a Spencer only based episode. Today was that day.  But I must admit, it was a hard one to get through.

Ethan finds the wet footprints and figures ghosts don’t leave those, but wonders who it was.  He talks to Laura’s portrait, about Holly, about Luke, and how he didn’t come to town looking for a father. However, that’s what he found, along with the story of Luke’s great love.  He hopes he’s not his father’s son. If a great love comes along, he won’t fight it or chase it away.  When Ethan finally leaves, a woman all dressed in white appears.

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On the flight back from Ireland, Lucky falls asleep. Dream Lucky has a conversation with Dead Siobhan.  He asks her why she wrote him the letter. She says she died for a reason. He says he was waiting for a message from a loved one, like she said. She points out the message wasn’t from her.  He points out how Jake’s death saved Josslyn, but that he doesn’t know what’s wrong with Aiden. He wonders why he put him in Luke’s hands.  Dead Siobhan tells him to have faith. Dream Lucky feels his faith has gone away and wonders how much more he can lose.  He admits he’ll miss her. She tells him to finish what he’s started and not to forget her.

Luke’s driving Aiden to the hospital, when his subconscious shows up for a chat.  The two go back and forth.  Fake Luke reminds real Luke about his and Laura’s anniversary today.  Fake Luke goes over all the 12 steps of rehab and how they relate to Real Luke.  Real Luke says anyone could have hit Jake. It wasn’t the booze that did it.  Real Luke says he’s proud of Lucky.  Fake Luke says he’s held up a mirror to Real Luke for too long and yells at him about Laura and his kids.  Real Luke says he can’t fix everything.

Tracy shows up at Liz’s, to see if Luke paid Aiden a visit.  Lulu explains that they’re both missing and she can’t reach her father or Ethan by phone.  They hear Lucky’s voice message and wonder what’s going on.  Lulu finds the extra car seat missing and Tracy figures something must have happened to send Luke to the hospital with Aiden.  Lulu regrets leaving her father alone with Aiden.

Lulu and Tracy show up at the hospital, but the nurse doesn’t find Aiden registered.  Luke shows up and both women demand to know what happened.