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I wonder if Eileen Davidson will find this development "Mean, mean, mean?" Soap Opera Digest is reporting One Life to Live alum Brynn Thayer is joining Days of Our Lives in the role of Susan Banks!

According to the magazine's website, Susan will some how factor into another mystery involving the late Alice Horton (Frances Reid). The OLTL star, who also appeared in such primetime series as Matlock, and more recently on the web in such programs as Life in General and The Bannen Way, is only slated for a short stint.

 For newer fans, Susan was one of several toothy doppelgangers of Stefano DiMera's (Joe Mascolo) unhinged, adopted daughter Kristen Blake. In addition to Kristen and Susan, Davidson portrayed Susan's sisters Sister Mary Moira and Penelope and even her brother Thomas, in one of DAYS' most outlandish-yet-entertaining storylines ever!

Susan is also the mother of Salem's current, resident do-badder Elvis DiMera, Jr. (James Scott), whom she named after the deceased King of Rock and Roll. Susan thought the Jailhouse rocker had sired her baby. She later learned it was Stefano dressed up as Elvis, wielding a turkey baster. God I miss James Reilly. Watch a few clips of Susan Banks below!