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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Matt lets Liz know she’s in the clear, but not ready to go home.  She feels bad for her boys, with Lucky being gone. Matt realizes she still has a connection to Lucky and Jaso, one that he can’t touch. He admits to some jealousy.  She scoffs that they kissed on the boat, because he was drunk.  Matt says she understood about his paper, unlike Maxie.  Liz says she understand he cares about Maxie.  Matt tells her he doesn’t want to lose her as a friend and tells her to keep the bracelet.

Lulu wonders what Luke did to Aiden, but he says Lucky told him to get Aiden to the hospital. He was delayed because of car trouble, but not the kind Lulu thinks.  Lulu says Aiden was fine, but Luke says he did what Lucky wanted.  Lulu accuses him of using this to redeem himself and play the hero.  .

Steve tells Monica that Aiden has unusual bruising and she immediately accuses Liz of possible abuse. Steve swears Liz wouldn’t’ hit her boys, but Monica says she’s neglectful. She mentions Jake and how others are always taking care of the boys.  She feels Liz could have missed a medical red flag.

Maggie says she doesn’t think it’s a case of abuse and wants to examine Aiden.  Monica wonders who the heck she is. Robin reminds them they are all doctors and to keep things civil.  Steven explains to Robin that Aiden has been brought in because of some weird bruising.  Robin tells both Monica and Steve that they’re too close to be involved.  Maggie feels their wasting time.  Robin doesn’t want to risk a lawsuit, since Maggie hasn’t filled out her papers yet. Maggie says she’s worried about the patient. Robin admits she’s a mother, as well as the chief of staff, and lets Maggie check Aiden.

Steven lets the Spencers know about the spontaneous bruising and that they’re running tests.  Lulu heads off to tell Liz.  Luke feels this is his cue to leave, but Tracy asks him not to.  She wonders why he went to Liz’s. He admits to wanting to see Aiden.  Tracy points out that it’s his flesh and blood. Luke wonders if she sent him there so he’d have an epiphany and become a family man.  Tracy wonders why he came back, if he’s only going to leave again.  She reminds him that he cares about his son and grandson and to remember than when he’s reaching for the booze.

Spinelli walks in on Jason yelling at Max over the phone about finding Franco. He wonders what Franco has done to make Jason so angry.  Jason says there’s been another victim. Franco left his signature.  He asks Spin to find that signature online.

Jason asks Sam why she wants Spinelli to stay, now that they’re married. He wonders if she doesn’t want to be alone with him.  Sam says she doesn’t want Spin to feel unwelcome.  Jason feels since they’re married now, Spin should move on. Sam wants nothing to do with that.

Sam says she wants to be surrounded by people who make her feel secure. She feels safe with Jason.  Jason tells her he loves her, but he doesn’t know what to do for her.  Sam feels she’s gotten through the worst of it. She wants him to drop it and not talk about it anymore.  Jason feels she needs to get some help and hands her the rape pamphlet.

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Maxie’s sitting at home, giving herself a facial and receives a flower arrangement, with no card.  Spinelli shows up and Maxie thanks him for the flowers, since she doesn’t think they’re from Matt.  Spin tells her Franco has resurfaced and they think the flowers are from him. Spin destroys the flowers, as Matt shows up, and admits they’re from him.  Spin apologizes for killing the flowers and leaves.

Matt apologizes for messing up Maxie’s birthday. He should have made time for her and the bracelet was for her and not Liz.  He says to make it up to her; he’ll do her magazine article.  Maxie is thrilled.

Olivia runs into Kate at the Metro Court. The two go round and round on using the name Connie.  Kate wonders what bug crawled up her cousin’s heiny. Olivia admits she’s annoyed that Steve’s ex has shown up out of nowhere.  Kate thinks Olivia’s sabotaging her relationship with Steve, because he’s not the one she really wants, Johnny is.  Olivia says she isn’t going back to that. She can’t save Johnny, like Kate wants to save Sonny.

Lulu tells Liz that Aiden has been brought in as a patient. Lucky called and said to bring him in.  Liz accuses Lucky of feeling guilty for abandoning his boys, but Lulu says there might actually be something wrong.  Liz tries to get out of bed to go and see him, but Monica stops her. Monica lets her know they’re running tests on Aiden.

Liz says she needs to go to him and be with him, as his mother. She says Monica should understand.  Monica snarks that she should not use the mother card on her. Liz wonders if she’s still upset about Jake. Monica says she isn’t using her grief to latch onto a married man.  Liz angrily says she’ll grieve her son everyday of her life. Monica of all people should understand how that feels.  Monica accuses her of playing victim for Jason. Liz reminds her it was the fever.  Monica says Jason is married to Sam now and not to get in the way.

Robin tells Luke and Tracy that more spontaneous bruising has come up. Luke might have saved Aiden’s life, by bringing him in when he did.  Steve thinks Maggie knows what’s wrong, even without the test results and she says she does. There’s no time to waste.

Liz goes to Aiden, promising him the doctors will make him better. She says his daddy is coming and that she’ll make sure everything is ok.  Lulu asks Monica if she is ok. She thinks she should apologize to Liz, since she’s had her own losses.  She admits that after Jason’s surgery, she was hoping he’d be the old Jason. They may never know the full effect of that surgery on him.

Sam refuses to join a support group for victimized women, saying she has nothing in common with them. She doesn’t remember her horror story. She doesn’t want to sit and listen to others horror stories.  She feels she needs to be alone for awhile.  Jason wonders what that means.  Sam tells him he’s not responsible for what Franco did to her, but that he’s suffering as well. She can’t help him because she needs to figure out how to help herself first.

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