The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Nikki Becomes The Prime Suspect!

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Ronan: His investigation into Diane's murder causes Nikki to become the number one suspect.

Victor/Nikki: The lovebirds reunite, but are both keeping things from the other? Nikki's freedom hinges upon Victor.

Nick: The Newman playboy is tired of Phyllis and her stunts.

Adam/Nick: The brothers go to war over Newman Enterprises.

Avery: The legal eagle has a showdown about her family.

Tucker: The rebel billionaire goes into therapy, which creates drama in his relationship with Ashley.

Jill: She is not thrilled by Kay and Yolarmony's (remember her?) new found relationship.

Patty: She is in a bind and calls on Adam for assistance.

Angelina: The mob princess goes after Kevin.

Deacon: The bartender holds some key information over Nikki's head.

Daniel/Eden: Their relationship starts to steam up.

Sharon: She tries to prove Victor's innocence