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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Lulu stops by Olivia’s, who invites her for Thanksgiving dinner. However, Lulu’s there to complain about Dante being assigned to Lisa’s case, after just being released from the hospital.  Olivia points out that Dante is protecting her, as one of the possible suspects. Lulu feels Dante would have been involved no matter what. 

Lulu says she can’t live with the threat of losing him, but Olivia says you have to make the most of the time you have.  She mentions what’s happened with Aiden and the new doctor Maggie.  Olivia says she knows all about Maggie and explains her connection to Steve, but swears she isn’t’ jealous. 

Sonny stops by Johnny’s, to accuse him of messing with Kate’s car.  Johnny turns it back on Sonny and wonders if Sonny just wanted an excuse to come after him.  Sonny says he wants Johnny and his father out of his city. Johnny reminds him that without the Zaccharas, the remaining five families would come after him and not give the wife and kids any consideration.  Anthony eavesdrops as Johnny reminds Sonny they have a truce, but that if Sonny keeps showing up and challenging him, he’ll give it to him.

After Sonny leaves, Anthony wonders what that was about. Johnny says Sonny wants to be Kate’s knight in shining armor.  Anthony asks again what Johnny’s holding over Steven to get him to stitch him up, but Johnny’s not saying.  Anthony says they need to buy another cop, especially since Sonny’s trying to throw his weight around. 

Dante goes to Kate to ask her about the photo shoot at the warehouse, wondering what was really going on.  Kate assures him it was all on the up and up.  Dante wonders about her loyalty to Sonny. Kate points out that he’s had opportunity to shut Sonny out of his life and hasn’t. Now she wonders why he’s suddenly so determined to take Sonny down.  Dante says he needs to know if he saw something he wasn’t supposed to or if it was something else. Kate tells him he should be planning his wedding to Lulu, Sonny would never intentionally hurt him.  Dante says she should want him to find out who shot him and he’ll keep asking questions. 

Sonny arrives, angry that Dante’s bothering Kate.  Dante says he’s only asking questions, but Sonny says Kate knows nothing.  Dante accuses Sonny of knowing more than he’s letting on and it all sounds like a cover up.  Sonny swears he wants to find out who shot Dante too. He asks why he isn’t he sitting around recovering with Lulu.  Dante says he doesn’t think Sonny shot him, but wonders if one of his men did.  He tells Kate that she’s smart and shouldn’t be making bad choices. 

Sonny wonders if it’s a good time to go on their trip. Kate does feel bad for helping him cover up the drugs and wants to back out of the trip. Sonny convinces her, saying there are no expectations and that he wants to make new memories.  Kate gives him a new coat and they head out. 

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Lucky gets to the hospital and Tracy explains Aiden has had a blood transfusion.  Luke watches as Lucky talks to Maggie, who explains Aiden condition and how lucky he was to be brought in when he was.  Lucky asks to see his son and Maggie takes him.  Tracy looks for Luke, who’s now disappeared.  Lucky visits with Aiden, grateful that he’ll be okay, thanks to Luke. 

She finds him at the Star.  Luke points to the open bottle of booze, but Tracy says it’s still full.  Tracy asks if he would have taken Aiden to the hospital if he had been drinking.  They go around in circles, then Tracy mentions Thanksgiving. She doesn’t understand why Luke would want to be alone.  She says Lucky will be coming to see him and wonders what condition Luke will be in.  Luke brings up Anthony, but Tracy shoots that down and tells him she cares about him. 

Steve is still angry with Maggie, for jumping the line at the lab and taking chances, but Maggie says it saved Aiden’s life. She wonders why he hired her, if he didn’t like the way she does things. 

Delores stops by Olivia’s apartment to ask more questions.  Lulu thanks her for driving her to the hospital, but decides to stick around. She accuses Delores of being rude, when she asks Olivia to submit the clothes she was wearing on the boat.  Olivia says she’s getting them cleaned and Lulu tells her to call an attorney.  Delores asks about the tools Olivia used to fix the boat.  Dante arrives and tells his mother not to say anything more. 

Delores says they got forensics on the murder weapon and is following up, but leaves after snarking Dante out about not taking a longer medical leave.  Dante wonders what his mother said, but Lulu assures him Olivia has nothing to hide and didn’t say anything.  Olivia leaves them alone. Dante admits they need to talk. Dante says he’s scared of losing Lulu and will do anything she wants.  She says he’d never give up his badge, not that she’s asking him to but that she’s been struggling with that.  She asks him how to adjust to a future of worrying, but that she doesn’t want to lose sight of the good stuff.  Dante asks if they’re breaking up, but Lulu says she can’t imagine life without him and doesn’t want to try.  Olivia’s thrilled that they’re back together and asks about Thanksgiving, but they want to be alone. 

Lucky tells Steve he can’t get a hold of Liz. Steve explains that she’s suffering from pneumonia and she wasn’t told it was Luke who brought Aiden in.  Lucky asks to keep it that way for now. 

Delores stops by the Zacchara’s to talk to Johnny.  Before heading out, Anthony points out that she’s the solution to Johnny’s problem, a woman and a cop.  Delores asks if Johnny knew Lisa. He admits he did.  She says there’s a witness who saw him take out a boat the night Lisa died.  Johnny suddenly decides he needs a shower and invites her to join him.  She tells him she’ll look around while she’s waiting.  After his shower, Johnny hits on her again, and Delores tells him to come down to the station to answer her questions. 

Sonny and Kate check into their hotel.  He assures her he wants to take things slow and goes into his room.  There’s a knock on the door, but no one out in the hall.  Kate hears the knock again, and realizes it’s the connecting door.  Sonny wants her to join him for a drink, but she happily turns him down.

Steven thanks Maggie for helping Aiden, but reminds her to fill out the necessary paperwork.  Maggie wonders why he hired her.  Tracy asks about Aiden. Maggie assures her that he’ll be ok.  Anthony shows up, wondering if Tracy has been avoiding him.  He talks about Thanksgiving and whether her family is aware of how thankful they should be.  Anthony promises Tracy that he’ll be seeing her soon, that they’ll spend a lot of the holidays together. 

Lucky shows up at the Star, and sees Luke with the opened bottle of booze, so he turns away.  Luke realizes what Lucky saw, smiles, and recaps the bottle.