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Rushed Weddings, Concerned Fathers and Prodigal Sons Provide Tension on The Bay

Sara Garrett (Mary Beth Evans) gets a welcome surprise in the most recent installment of The Bay. That's right, the socialite's troubled, teen dream of a son Pete (Kristos Andrews) is back! Good thing too, since Vivian (Tanisha Lynn) can't stop asking about him, despite having equally hunky Will Campbell (the episode's breakout star Derrell Whitt) by her hospital bedside.  Lucky for Will he has a dad like Dr. Keith Campbell (Real Andrews) to advise him on how to deal with post comatose girls, who are pining over amnesiac boyfriends! 


Elswhere in Bay City, Brian Garrett Nelson (Dylan Bruce) has finally convinced Vivian's aunt Zoey (Taylor Stanley) to jump the broom with him. Will Zoey's dad Harold Johnson (Jed Allan) get to walk his baby girl down the aisle? Considering all the dirty, little secrets Brian is still harboring, it's not exactly a sure thing!

 Much like Will, Brian has some father/son bonding moments in this chapter of the serial, as his adopted dad Lee (Paul Satterfield) tries to prevent Bri-Bri from tearing up all the patio furnishings at the Garrett compound. I tell you what, Sara just didn't raise those boys right!  Watch the latest episode of The Bay after the jump!

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