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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sonny can’t find Kate for breakfast and is surprised when she finally shows up, saying she got up early to get things done.  She complains that she heard him pacing during the night and knows he’s running from Brenda.  Kate says he’s not over Brenda, even if he’s signed the papers.  They argue about her changing her name.  She feels that he may have physically left Bensonhurst, but not emotionally.  Kate says she gave up part of herself when she left.  Sonny accuses her of promising to be with him, but leaving and that she took his faith in her when she left. 

Dante comes home to find Lulu making their Thanksgiving dinner.  She wants to celebrate the holiday as a couple. He wants to have an engagement party to announce their engagement.  Lulu agrees.  She gets uncomfortable when they’re setting the table with the same tablecloth from the night he was shot.  She burns her pie. Dante offers to pick one up from his mother’s. 

Jason lets Shawn know that they still haven’t located Franco.  Shawn reminds him Franco wants him running around crazy.  Jason leaves, as Carly arrives. She lets Shawn know that she’s worried about Jason.  Shawn tells her he’s cooking a turkey dinner and she says she’s getting one catered from the hotel.  They decide to eat both, like a taste test. 

Edward explains to Monica that there will be no pizzas this year in honor of Michael and that Jason and Sam are joining them for a traditional turkey dinner.  Michael arrives, minus Abby, who’s helping a friend move.  Tracy snarks that they’re down one stripper. Edward explains that Tracy is angry because Luke isn’t coming.  Tracy’s not happy that Jason will be joining them, calling him a thug.  Flowers are delivered to Tracy from Anthony, so she throws them out.  Alice fishes them out of the garbage. 

Edward tells Michael that he misses him at ELQ.  Tracy leaves a voice message for Luke and apologizes to Edward for being cranky.  Tracy tells him that the money she put into the company was tainted and now someone is putting pressure on her.  Edward admits he knew, thanks to Skye and has shielded his personal assets, but she won’t fare as well with the FCC.  She asks for help, but Edward tells her to get herself out.  I call baloney on Edward not helping out his daughter.  The Qs were always at each other’s throats, but they always closed ranks when an outsider came. 

Michael calls Carly to wish her a happy Thanksgiving. He lets her know he’s at the Qs and asks where she is.  Carly admits she’s at Kelly’s with Josslyn and Shawn.  Carly and Shawn continue their meal and Carly admits his food is better than the one she had catered.  They share a piece of pie and talk about his father.  Shawn reaches over and wipes food from her mouth.  Shawn puts music on and they dance. 

Jason startles Sam awake, and then lets her know they still haven’t found Franco.  Sam wonders if he told Shawn. She says she needs to decide how to deal with this.  He offers to cancel the plans with the Qs and stay home with her and Spin.  Sam says Spinelli’s visiting his grandmother because he’s afraid of Jason.  Jason says Spin needs to find the money.  Sam says Spin’s lost his skills and yells that when something traumatic happens, you just don’t get over it.  She admits she feels lost. Jason asks what he can do, but she doesn’t know.

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Sam’s angry with herself for not listening to Carly. Jason tells her to stop punishing herself.  He wonders again if they should bail. Sam feels going would be better than sitting at home.  Out of her earshot, he calls Bernie for an update.   

Edward and Monica are beside themselves when Jason and Sam show up.  Tracy’s annoyed that they’re groveling to Jason. She calls him an unfeeling thug with a gold digging wife.  Jason tells her to shut up and not to speak to his wife like that.  Tracy asks if he’ll shoot her if she doesn’t. She snaps that she’s sure her father and sister in law would be thrilled to clean up the mess for him.  Sam feels she’s just being initiated into the family. 

Sam asks Michael about a description of the attacker.  Michael says he’ll get the information from Abby and let her know.  Sam wants to catch him before he hurts anyone else.  Michael wonders if she told Jason about the case, because he seems so angry. 

Tracy wonders why Edward doesn’t admit that Jason doesn’t want anything to do with

them.  Edwards knows she’s upset because Luke didn’t show.  Sam makes small talk about them surfing in Hawaii. Monica questions whether it was hard for them to come home.  Jason storms off. 

Jason tells Sam that police didn’t find the dead girl in the room and that all of the evidence was gone.  Sam realizes by showering, she doesn’t have any evidence against Franco either.  Jason wants to leave, just as Monica announces that dinner is ready. 

Edward decides that they should sing before eating, but the song makes Jason angry and he flips over a table before storming off. 

Kate and Sonny stand by the stoop of his old house and she hands him the key. 

Lulu’s waiting for Dante to come back, wondering if she should put the food back in the oven.  She storms off. 

Dante gets a call while he’s out, but tells them to deal with it.  He hears an alarm go off and a guy run past him, so he announces himself as police and takes chase, than passes out in an alley. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!