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The Young and The Restless Spoilers: Phyllis Crosses The Line!

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Nick/Phyllis: Phick's relationship takes a nasty turn. Phyllis wants Restless Style to feature a story detailing the scandalous actions Victor pulled against Billy. Nick is not happy about his ex wanting to exploit his family for financial gains. Big Red calls foul on Nick about being two-faced when it comes to writing sensational stories concernign his  family. Nick sticks to his guns, and tells Phyllis they aren't writing about his family.

Later, Nick tells Avery all about Billy wanting to buy Restless Style back. Nick turned him down, but starts to rethink things now that Victoria has split from Newman Enterprises, leaving everything open for Adam. Meanwhile, Phyllis dishes to Ronan about Nikki being back in Genoa City. Ronan starts to wonder if Nikki could be the one behind Diane's murder. Afterwards, Nick discovers Phyllis' latest story regarding Nikki being the newest suspect in Diane's murder and flips out.

Avery/Phyllis: The sisters once again have a misunderstanding.

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