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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Patrick finds Robin resting in bed after Thanksgiving dinner, nursing a headache.  She admits she keeps remembering what happened on the boat.  Patrick tells her not to let Lisa win, but Robin feels like she already has.  Robin feels scared all the time. She wants things back to go back to being normal. Patrick wants things back to normal and tries to get close to her, but Robin turns him down and heads into the shower.

Matt and Maxie are spending the night together.  Matt complains about Mac. Maxie defends him, saying Mac is doing his job, trying to eliminate everyone as a suspect in Lisa’s death.  Matt points out that Maxie had a motive.  Maxie wonders if Matt would be with her if she’d done something terrible.  Matt wants to know what that is. Maxie says she told the reporter that she and Matt were engaged, to spice up the Crimson article. 

Sam wonders why Jason was so angry at the Quartermaines and says both she and Michael were worried about him.  She’s sorry she pushed him into going.  She wonders if there will be a time when they won’t see Franco’s face.  Jason says he should have killed Franco because he took something from them and he’ll pay.  Sam accuses him of not getting his check up and there could be side effects from the surgery.  He’s concerned about what she remembers, but she says it’s worst to have no memory, because she can only imagine how bad it was.  Jason wishes he could take her pain away.

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Lulu found Dante in the alley and took him back to their place.  He brushes off the whole thing, but Lulu thinks he needs to see a doctor. Lulu wonders what’s more important to him, his job or his life. Dante says his job is his life.  Lulu begs him to take it easy. She says he can’t always cheat death and to leave the heavy stuff to Ronnie.  Dante knows Lulu was scared, so offers to do desk work for awhile.  She’s happy he listened and they share a bath. 

Kate’s angry that Sonny stood outside the old house and was too much of a coward to go in.  She thinks he didn’t want her to see his reaction.  Sonny wants them to enjoy the now and forget the past.  Sonny wonders what would have happened to them if she’d never left.  Kate wonders what he wants from her and believes he needs to put that boy to rest and give himself peace. 

Back from her shower, Robin apologizes to Patrick, who says he understands.  Robin says she’s thankful for so much.  Patrick wants a low key Christmas and wants them to go to Paris for New years.  Robin wants to stay home. Patrick tells her not to give Lisa the power.  He goes to hug her but she doesn’t want him to touch her bandaged arm. 

Lulu leaves a sleeping Dante in bed, to finish her wine glass.

Matt leaves a sleeping Maxie in bed, saying she doesn’t need to worry about this.

Robin leaves a sleeping Patrick in bed.