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Chandler Massey Dishes Will’s Coming Out Story on DAYS


In an interview with TV Guide, Days of Our Lives’Chandler Massey previews Will’s coming out story and how his tumultuous relationship with Sami (Alison Sweeney) will impact his search for peace.

TV Guide Magazine: Why is he so worried about what Sami will think? They already have a crappy relationship and he hates her right now after he found her shtupping EJ.

Massey: Sami has her own stuff going on. She's busy with her other three kids who are always going missing or getting kidnapped. In Will's mind, she doesn't care about him enough to be a real help if he came out to her. When a kid is struggling with something this big, his mother, of all people, should sense it. She's supposed to know her child better than anyone else. In Will's case, Sami doesn't give him the maternal love he needs and that's a big reason he doesn't feel comfortable coming out to her. Sami was so young when Will was born that they sort of grew up together.

It isn’t just Will and Sami’s relationship that will factor into the story. According to the interview, Marlena (Deidre Hall) and EJ (James Scott) will provide entirely different dynamics to Will’s coming out story. While Marlena is a loving cornerstone, EJ's role is more down and dirty. When Will attempts to blackmail EJ, “EJ turns the tables on Will and threatens to reveal he's gay. It turns into this master-slave relationship.” Read the entire interview at TV Guide.

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