Did Prospect Park Think They Were Getting a Judge Judy in AMC and OLTL?

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Former All My Children star Cady McClain posted a message on Facebook sharing her thoughts about the collapse of Prospect Park’s deal to bring AMC and One Life to Live to the web. In the must-read column, she reveals that Prospect Park may have believed AMC and OLTL were more like Judge Judy.

Many of these important issues were being put on the chopping block in a rather concerning way. In fact, one of the guys at PP was heard to have said, "I thought we were buying Judge Judy." Now nothing against Judge Judy, I love that show, but clearly it is a very inexpensive show to produce. It's one set, two contract players and a rotating cast of real people. No stunts, no 18 hour days, no dialogue to write or memorize, one set... C'mon. Really? Soaps=Judge Judy??

Read McClain’s entire message about the failed Prospect Park deal on Facebook.