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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Apparently it’s still Thanksgiving,as Olivia shows up at the hospital with her Thanksgiving meal for Steve, who had to bail for work.  Maggie also picks up some dinner, including corn bread, which was Steve’s favorite in Memphis.  Epiphany’s not happy with the food in her workplace, but Olivia offers to lay it out in the break room for staff.

Lulu wakes up on the couch after a few drinks and notices Dante’s breathing labored while he sleeps and high tails it to the hospital to get Steve to check him out.  Dante’s shocked awake by his mother, Steve and Lulu. He swears he’s fine, that he over exerted himself running.  Lulu says she wanted Steve to check him out.  Dante doesn’t want the job to find out.  Olivia yells at him to stop thinking of the job, to start thinking of Lulu and show her some respect. 

Steve checks Dante out and declares him fine, but with minor congestion and gives him a prescription.  Steve and Olivia head out, after Lulu gives them money for their cab.  Lulu apologizes for overreacting.  Dante wonders why she took a cab to the hospital. Lulu claims she was too upset to drive.  Later on, when Dante’s back to sleep, Lulu pours the remaining alcohol down the drain. 

Liz is thrilled to see Lucky and Aiden in her room.  She assures him she’s feeling better. She tells him she’s glad he’s home, where he belongs.  Liz says the boys have missed him and they need him around.  Lucky hopes he’ll be around.  Liz wants them to start a new chapter and have faith they can be a family again, that it’s all about miracles. 

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After Lucky leaves, Liz has a dream that he returns with the boys and tells her that he thought of her the entire time he was in Ireland and that he’s come back to her to be a family.  Liz wakes up to find herself holding Pif’s hand. 

Lucky thanks Maggie for helping Aiden.  She says the credit goes to Luke and explains how he faked the heart attack so she could jump the line in the lab.  Lucky’s surprised to hear her first name is Maggie. 

Olivia waits for Steve to finish his shift and they decide to enjoy some of the Thanksgiving food, but when they get to break room, Pif’s cleaning up what little is left. 

Robin’s looking at a picture of her and Stone, then puts it away before rejoining Patrick in bed.  He wonders where she’s been and says they need to talk about what happened with Lisa.  Robin says she keeps seeing Lisa’s face. She’s glad Lisa’s gone, even though she doesn’t feel like Lisa is actually gone. She doesn’t know how to make that feeling stop.  Robin’s worried Lisa will always haunt them, since she used Robin’s darkest fear against her. 

Patrick admits he knows it’s the anniversary of Stone’s death and understands that Robin had a life before him, even though it took him awhile to make peace with it.  He thinks she went to the Aids wing. Robin goes along with that.  She feels she needs to do whatever on her own, and Patrick tells her to go.  After she’s gone, Patrick and Emma have a sweet moment on the couch. 

Carly hears a noise in her living room and almost brains Shawn with a fire poker.  She wonders what’s going on and he claims he was just double checking that everything was ok.  Carly’s still angry that Shawn didn’t tell her Franco made contact in Hawaii.  She’s also angry with Shawn’s mixed messages, which he apologizes for.  Shawn says he can’t have a personal relationship and protect her at the same time.  Shawn apologizes for scaring her.  Carly flirts that she’s usually attracted to bad boys but might make an exception for him.  As he’s leaving, Shawn finds a package on the porch for Josslyn.  Carly thinks it’s from Franco.

Robin goes to a bridge to talk to Stone.  She says she needs his advice, that she’s lied to Patrick, but that she can’t tell him the truth.  Robin is happy that the Aids wing has come such a long way, but feels people are still too casual about the whole disease.  Robin says she thought she was supposed to find a cure, but that it’s not going to happen now, that there is so much she won’t get to see.