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Sara Bibel Lists 10 Reasons Why Daytime TV Won't Be The Same After 2011


In 2011 daytime television had more drama going on behind the scenes than an episode of your favorite soap opera. With ABC axing two iconic soaps,  Oprah and Regis Philbin bidding adieu and much more, it makes you wonder what 2012 will bring.  Deep Soap's Sara Bibel has published a Top 10 list detailing some of 2011's game changing moments for daytime TV. Here's number five:

5. “One Life To Live” Proves Soaps Can Raise Their Ratings

The conventional wisdom about daytime is that declining ratings are inevitable and related to outside forces like cable, the internet, and the economy. The content of the shows themselves is irrelevant. “One Life To Live” proved that wrong when, weeks after its cancellation was announced, the show’s ratings rose — and stayed up. Thanks to the intriguing, compelling Tale of Two Todds, Roger Howarth’s return succeeded where other big name soap stars comebacks failed. He brought old fans back, but it was the show’s overall quality that kept them watching. Surprisingly, the soap has often been the top show among teens and young women, the two demos that are least likely to watch soaps. Unfortunately, this success did not persuade ABC to reconsider canceling the show.

To read the entire Top 10 list, click here!

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