Brian Frons "Very Excited" Over Valentini/Carlivati Match Up at General Hospital


ABC Daytime Chief Brian Frons has released a statement on the hiring of One Life to Live's Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati to helm General Hospital:


"Frank and Ron's creativity, passion and outstanding leadership will be a welcome addition to the cast and crew, as well as viewers and longtime fans," says ABC Daytime president Brian Frons in the statement. "As creative leaders in the industry, I am very excited for their arrival to GH and their dedication to the genre will certainly invigorate the daytime drama that has been part of the pop culture and the TV landscape for many years."

This has to be Frons' first smart decision since the Bianca/Babe/Kelly baby switch on OLTL and All My Children half a decade ago. I just hope Fronsie and the rest of ABC gives GH all the tools, promotion and assistance they're gonna need to steer this ship away from the ice princess, er iceberg!