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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Carly’s freaking out about the gift from Franco, even though Shawn says it might be from Jax.  He opens the first gift, which is a toy and the second, which is a video.  On the video, Franco says he’s sorry Josslyn’s father is gone, but he’ll be there for her.

Olivia wonders what Steve’s implying. He says he knows she’s pregnant, he saw the test box.  She assures him she isn’t. If she was, she would have told him.  He reminds her she didn’t tell Sonny about Dante. Olivia explains the differences between Sonny the killer, as father, versus Steve the healer.   She wonders what Steve would have done if she had been pregnant and claims he would have freaked out.  Steven claims that not everyone is meant to be a parent.  So, are we never going to find out why she was having dizzy/fainting spells?

Lucky explains Ireland to Maggie and that the well was St. Margaret’s, hence his shock at finding out it was her name also.  Maggie says she believes in miracles and has learned never to give up. 

Robin continues speaking to Stone, saying she’s brought rose petals to scatter.  Mac finds her on the bridge.  She tells him she wants to honor Stone. Mac wonders why his death is hitting her so hard this year.  Robin says she’s overwhelmed. Thanks to Lisa, there’s a black cloud hanging over her.  Mac says he’s made peace with Robin’s virus, but still wants to make things better for her.  Robin thanks him for supporting her, despite all her mistakes. She accuses Lisa of destroying her marriage and her life.  Robin says she was only defending herself, that it was self defense. 

Mac insists she be careful about what she’s about to tell him. Robin backs down, saying she just meant that whoever killed Lisa, did in self defense, after the fact.  Mac says that’s not the legal definition of self defense. Lisa died at the hands of someone and it can’t be ignored.  He feels someone should pay the price. 

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Robin tells him to look at anyone not on the boat. Mac starts to say no one else had a motive, but stops himself.  He hopes he taught her to be relaxed, but Robin points out he’s still working double shifts and that he fight for what’s right.  Robin says it’s nice to see before she dies, but Mac says he won’t allow her to die. 

Jason tells Sam he went for a ride to clear his head, but it didn’t work.  She feels safer looking at the stars and wishes everything could be simpler.  He says he’s here for her.  Sam says she wants to go for a walk.  Jason offers to go with her, but she wants to be alone. Nothing worse can happen to her.  Carly calls Jason to let him know Franco sent Joss another package. 

Ethan finds Lucky at the hospital. He asks about Aiden and Liz.  Lucky tells him that Liz is happy he’s back, but that she wants more from him again.  Ethan explains about Liz’ mystery man and that he saw footprints at Windemere.  The two make small talk about being Luke’s sons. 

Abby finds Johnny at Jake’s, who explains that he shut down the club until the guy beating up his girls is caught.  He stops a drunk who’s hitting on one of his girls.  Abby says she’s surprised he cares and wants him to do something before someone else gets hurt.  Abby tells him to keep the girls safe.  Before Abby heads out, Sam shows up saying she’s looking into the attacks on the girls. Sam wonders if she should ask Johnny to go undercover at the club.  Abby wonders why she’d want to do that, since she’s a newlywed, but Sam is tired of people being victimized. 

Patrick brings Emma into the hospital with a stomach ache and finds Maggie, who offers to check her out.  Maggie assures him that it wasn’t food poisoning, but probably just Emma looking for daddy’s attention.  She and Emma play in a wheelchair, but then Maggie complains about the chief of staff being a battle ax. Patrick angrily points out that the chief of staff is his wife. 

Jason watches Franco’s video.  Shawn says the package wasn’t traceable.  Jason gets angry and throws things.  Carly wonders what that’s about, but Jason blows her off.  Carly warns him that he can’t let Franco see that he’s getting to him. She wants Jason to stop Franco from taking Josslyn.  Jason assures her that Franco can’t do any worst to him and promises to protect Joss.

Mac leaves Robin on the bridge to finish dropping the rose petals.

Sam finds Franco’s tag in an alley, still fresh.