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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Delores shows up at the garage to ask Johnny for the clothes he was wearing the night Lisa was murdered.  She reminds him they have a witness who saw him on the water.  She’s angry that he didn’t come down to the station, as asked, and that he’s refusing to cooperate.  Johnny claims he took his clothes to the cleaners and is currently wearing it.  Johnny removes his shirt and is in the process of unbuttoning his pants, but she says she can arrest him for harassment.  Delores wonders why he took the boat and if he saw Lisa that night.  Johnny feels she’s trying to prove herself in a man’s world.

Mac and Ronnie are discussing the case, wondering who the evidence is pointing to.  Ronnie says everyone and that a lot of the evidence is missing, like Maxie’s dress.  Dante shows up with information that Johnny was seen on the water that night, making him a suspect.  Ronnie accuses him of having no objectivity.  Dante wants back on the case.  Mac points out Lulu won’t be happy, but Dante says he’ll deal with Lulu.  Mac says he’ll get him a partner.  After Mac leaves, Ronnie tells Dante that Olivia is still a suspect.

Robin leaves a phone message for Monica, telling her she may not be at the next board meeting because she might be out of town.  Maxie shows up, looking for Matt, saying he left her bed in the middle of the night and she can’t reach him.  Patrick wonders why Matt cancelled all his consults at three in the morning.  Maxie thinks something is seriously wrong, but Patrick tells Robin that whatever Matt is up to, he doesn’t want anyone to know. 

Shawn wonders why Carly’s at the hotel and not at home where she can be protected.  Carly refuses to let Franco ruin her life.  Spinelli shows up to chat with his new cyber friends.  Shawn says he’s meeting with Jason and he’s assigned Max and Milo to guard Carly.  M&M are distracted by Spin’s new computer skills. 

Maxie finds Spinelli and asks for his help in locating Matt.  Spinelli has one of his new cyber friends access Matt’s phone records, which says the last call was placed at 3:08am.  Spin thinks Matt might have had a good reason to vanish. 

Sam shows Jason the tag in the alley.  Jason tells her she doesn’t need to get involved in this, but Sam insists she does. Girls are being assaulted, someone needs to take care and help those women.  Jason thinks Franco’s watching them fighting each other. Shawn takes a look at the tag and decides part of it are elements of the periodic table, but doesn’t know what the last part means.  Jason tells him to stay close to Carly. 

Sonny tells Kate he wants her to show him the parts of the city that matters to her.  After much back and forth, they go to a museum.  When they return, they joke about it and lunch.  Then Kate says she wants to go back to the brownstone and deal with what happened. 

Liz’s hero walks around Windermere, still barefoot and open shirted.  Clearly it’s not December in those parts.  When he falls asleep, the lady in white floats around him.  He finds a book with a picture of Laura portrait.

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Monica’s not happy that four doctors are implicated in Lisa’s murder. She wonders why Patrick passed on a consult.  Patrick says he might not be available for the procedure which surprises Robin. 

Anthony finds half naked Johnny with a flustered Delores.  She leaves with Johnny’s shirt and Anthony wonders if someone saw Johnny that night.  Johnny admits someone saw him on the boat, but that his father could have been seen as well.  Anthony points out that Sonny is out of town, Jason’s dealing with Franco and their territory is wide open.  Johnny tells him to keep his nose clean. 

Alexis and Molly talk about visiting Kristina.  Alexis says it feels odd not to have Kris at home.  Molly says Kris is wondering if Sonny pulled strings to get her into Yale. However, Alexis denies that.  Mac shows up to talk to Alexis, so Molly heads out to the movies. 

Mac is worried about Maxie and Robin possibly needing an attorney. He wants her to represent them if needed.  Alexis figures he thinks one of them killed Lisa.  Mac thinks he might be overreacting, but that both girls were on the boat and both had motive.  Alexis says Robin would have reason to act defensively, but Mac feels Robin would have come forward.  Alexis doesn’t think she’s the best person to defend them, given her past. However, Mac trusts her.  She mentions that Sonny has asked her to be on retainer.  Mac asks her to think about it. 

Ethan arrives to talk to Alexis about the mystery man on Spoon Island, explaining about the footprints and that it isn’t’ Helena.  Alexis checks Molly’s GPS and realizes she went over to Windemere. 

Shawn heads back to the hotel to find Max and Milo eating and no sign of Carly.  He’s worried until she shows up.  He tells her she and Joss should move into the hotel. However, Carly doesn’t want to draw Franco to her hotel. She tells Shawn to move in with her. 

Dante tells Ronnie not to treat his mother like a suspect and she has nothing to hide, but Ronnie feels Sonny would be willing to cover for Olivia. If Dante’s back on the case all eyes will be on him.  Delores shows up and Ronnie says she’s Dante’s new partner. 

Robin’s looking at some of her test results.  She asks Monica if she got her message about the board meeting.  Monica says she just came from one, about Robin.

Spinelli finds JaSam in the alley.  Jason asks him to find out what the last part of the tag means.  Spinelli says it’s ancient in origin and means something from a creator and wonders if Franco created something while on their honeymoon.