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Tricks Better Have Martha Byrne's Money in the Latest Episode of Anacostia!

The black Knots Landing aka Anthony Anderson's mocha-hot webisoap Anacostia is back with its second episode of the season, and As The World Turns/General Hospital alum Martha Byrne is continuing to serve up malevolent fun as nononsense madam Alexis. After seeing Alexis check Dominique (Pasha Diallo), I am starting to believe this ballbuster could have taught Heidi Fleiss a thing or three about business management!


On the other side of town, Sean (Anderson) is caught up in a triangle between his returned-from-the-dead true love Julian (Darnell Lamont Walker) and the nasty, male hooker his dead business partner hired to seduce him. Someone should tell Sean you can't turn a ho into a househusband!

Recovering boozehound (and my fave regular character!) Salina (Chante Bowser) is out of jail, while her pill-popping, former supermodel galpal Nicole (Kena Hodges), is being terrorized over what happened to her husband's baby. If you think those sistahs are having problems, wait 'til their girl Mia (Tamieka Chavis) lets them in on the tragic secret she's beeen hiding from the group. Why isn't this soap on BET, TV One or Logo already?! Watch after the jump!

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