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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Alexis calls Molly at Windermere and orders her home, but the water taxi has already left. Alexis decides to head out there to get her. Ethan joins her. Molly’s not sure why her mother is so upset, but Ethan says he thinks someone is staying there. It’s not safe for Molly to be alone and that it could be dangerous. 

Sonny and Kate stand outside the brownstone, having the same conversation.  Seriously, I think they just recycled a script from a month ago.  She wants him to go in to face his past.  He doesn’t want to go in with her.  Wash, rinse, repeat.  Kate says she could have helped him not turn to crime.  She wonders why he bought the place.  Sonny says he does things on impulse when off the meds.  Eventually, he decides to go in and she leaves him there.

Dante doesn’t want a partner. All Delores wants is to follow the rules and solve a case.  Lulu shows up, angry that Dante wasn’t at his desk, like he was supposed to be.  Dante claims he had no choice.  Lulu accuses him of lying to her when he promised not to do it again.  Dante brings up Olivia as a suspect, which angers Lulu more.  He feels they should be lucky to have each other.  He cares about the now and wants to move ahead with the wedding.  Lulu says no.

Lulu says they had a deal and Dante figures he shouldn’t have promised that.  He reminds her that she said she could handle marrying a cop, but Lulu’s afraid of losing him.  Lulu asks about her wants and needs. Dante accuses her of wanting him to be someone he’s not and can never be.  Dante tells her she can’t accept who he is and that she can’t ask him to be what he isn’t.  Oy vey Dante, tool much?

Monica tells Robin the board isn’t happy with four of their doctors being murder suspects, which is somehow Robin’s fault. She informs Robin she’s been relieved of her duties as Chief of Staff.  That’s fine with Robin, but Patrick’s angry.  Monica says all of Robin’s decisions are suspect, including letting Maggie work on Aiden without her proper papers in place.  Monica says she’s now the new COS. 

Patrick questions Robin’s lack of fight, but she says it’s not a punishment. It’s an opportunity to slow down and spend time with Emma.  Patrick tells Monica that he wants a meeting with the board, but she says they’re putting the patient’s needs first. 

Lucky and Aiden are hanging out with Liz, who thanks Maggie for miraculously saving the baby.  Maggie says the miracle is how he got to the hospital, which Liz doesn’t understand.

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Maggie spots Luke eavesdropping at Liz’s door and lets him know Aiden will be fine. She wonders why he doesn’t say hi to his grandson.  Monica spots Luke by the elevators and tells him he’s a hero for saving his grandson.  She then slaps him across the face and says that’s for killing hers. 

Tracy finds Michael and asks for his help. Seems the deal he put together when he was at ELQ is in trouble and the man in charge wants Michael’s reassurances.  Michael agrees to help on the condition Tracy gets Abby out of the city, until the assaulter has been caught.  She balks at first, but eventually agrees to Michael’s terms. 

Ethan checks out Windemere and declares the place empty.  Alexis thinks she should hire a caretaker now that Nikolas is gone.  Talk turns to Kristina and how she’s doing, until Ethan is distracted by a light in the tunnel.  Alexis and Molly head out, but Ethan offers to stay and take one last look around.  Ethan pretends to make a call to Alexis letting her know that he’s leaving.  The lady in white comes in and Ethan catches her. 

Liz and Maggie talk.  Maggie says she knows Steve from Memphis and that he recommended her for the position.  Liz thanks her again for helping Aiden.  Maggie lets it drop that Luke was the one who drove Aiden to the hospital. 

Abby finds Michael and lets him know she’s being sent to Chicago for business.  He’s happy for her.  She wonders if he had anything to do with it, to protect her, but Michael denies it.  Abby tells him that Vaughn’s is closed, until further notice, and the girls are working at Jake’s.  Michael assures Abby that Sam will find the guy.  She gives him a datebook with all their 2012 plans in it.  They say their goodbyes and she heads off to catch her plane. 

Alexis shows up at the PCPD to apologize to Mac about brushing him off.  She explains about being scared for Molly’s safety at Windemere. Mac is concerned for his girls.  She asks for a dollar and tells him whatever he has to say is now covered under attorney/client privilege. She asks why he thinks either girl could have killed Lisa. 

Mac tells her that he’s concerned about Maxie, that she has a tendency to lie, she’s more impulsive.  Alexis says he needs to get her to come forward.  Mac thinks Maxie might be covering for someone else.  He explains the conversation with Robin at the bridge. How it seemed as though Robin was confessing to self defense.  Mac ultimately doesn’t think Robin killed Lisa, but does think she’s keeping a secret. 

Luke runs into Lucky at the hospital. He says he’s happy to hear Aiden will be ok, but wonders why Lucky didn’t come and tell him.  Lucky says he stopped by the Star and saw his father with an opened bottle of Scotch.  Luke asks if Lucky saw him take a drink.  Lucky’s grateful that Luke managed to get Aiden to the hospital, without running into a tree, and tells him that he trusted his father.  Liz comes up, screaming at Luke not to go anywhere near her children and accusing Lucky of letting him. 

Patrick finds Robin and asks again why she isn’t fighting for her job.  She says she wants to spend more time with him and Emma, especially now.  Patrick tells her not to let Lisa control her.  Robin feels Lisa is still with them and then confesses that she has something bad to tell him.