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James Franco on Tossed General Hospital Show Killer Jill Farren Phelps: "Anyone in Soaps Would be a Fool Not to Want to Work With Her"

I hope you haven't just eaten dinner before reading this blog post. Odd duck actor James Franco responded to an email from New York Magazine's Vulture blog asking for comment on Jill Farren Phelps finally having been mercifully fired from General Hospital. The serial's Special Guest Star gushed over the woman who mortally wounded several daytime soaps during her disastrous tenure in the genre, and said anyone who doesn't want to work with her is a "fool".


Jill is a pro.  She is experienced, innovative and loving.  I had nothing but great experiences with her for two years.  She was open to experimenting on General Hospital in ways that I have not found on any other film or television project.  Jill helped create daring story lines that blurred the line between fiction and reality — she allowed us to do a special episode at MoCA in LA for which they won day time Emmys, she was always open to taking the show in unexpected directions.  She and I plan to work together in the future because we enjoy collaborating so much.  Anyone in Soaps would be a fool not to want to work with her.

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Yeah, tell that to Bridget and Jerome Dobson, the late Anna LeeGenie Francis, Jacklyn Zeman, Stuart Damon, Kristina Wagner, Brad Maule, Wally Kurth, Alice Barrett, Paul Michael Valley, Ellen Parker, etc. It's easy to understand why Franco is enamored by Farren Phelps. First of all, she has a long history of allegedly favoring male actors over their uterus-possessing, readily expendable counterparts, but also soaps aren't his livelihood like the aforementioned actors and creators this woman screwed over. Soaps are just some silly, art project to Franco. Meanwhile, as GH has been indulging his ridiculous, poorly drawn whims, the show sank to the bottom on the ratings for the ABC soap lineup. So yeah, the only "fool" in this equation is ABC for allowing this disastrous, destructive woman to run amuck for as long as they did.

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