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All My Kids Alum Chrishell Stause: "That Prospect Park Thing Was Such a Disaster"

All My Children alum Chrishell Stause doesn't hold back when it comes to Prospect Park's deal to revive the cancelled sudser from folding. The actress talked to TVLine regarding her guest appearance on Body Of Proof  this Tuesday and shared where she felt things went astray.


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TVLINE | You landed Body of Proof immediately after All My Children wrapped. Did that inform your decision to not sign on for Prospect Park’s online plan? Were you like, “I have some options here”?

No. To be honest with you, that Prospect Park thing was such a disaster. They came to people and gave one offer, and when it came time to renegotiate they never came back to the table. It wasn’t the actors that weren’t trying to make something work.

TVLINE | Were you also skeptical that it would ever come to pass?

I was always open to doing it as long as I could do it while doing other things. I certainly didn’t want [Prospect Park to have] exclusivity. I know how devoted the fans are, and if we could have made that work, it would have been great to do it. I’ve done a web series before, so I thought I could swing it and other projects on the side, but then I just never heard back. [Prospect Park has since abandoned its plan to take AMC and One Life to Live online.]

To read more about Stause's character, click here!Body of Proof airs Tues at 10 pm EST on ABC.