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Helena Bonham Carter SLAMS Original Dark Shadows: "It's Actually a Really Bad, Hilariously Bad Soap Opera"

It's a good think Dark Shadows director Tim Burton is more of a fan of the classic, ABC Daytime soap opera than his wife is. Helena Bonham Carter, who stars in Burton's upcoming adaptation of Dan Curtis' classic, 60's sudser, royally dissed the movie's source material in an interview with MTV News


It's actually a really bad, hilariously bad soap opera. And because it's so bad, [Burton] felt he had to make a hugely expensive movie."

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Gee, Helena. Tell us how you really feel! To her credit, the actress did say she loved playing Dr. Julia Hoffman, who tries to cure Barnabas Collins (Johnny Depp) of his vampirism in the flick. Are you excited to see Burton's take on Dark Shadows? Watch a clip from the original TV show after the jump, then sound off in the comments!

Photo of Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter by PR Photos