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Kyle Lowder, Alana Stewart and Robin Riker Add Even More Camp Nastiness to Season 2 of DeVanity!

Oh hell yes. The Season 2 trailer forDeVanityis out on SFN-TV, and as if I already couldn't wait for Michael Caruso's raunchy, sinful, camptastic sudser to return, I am now full on SALIVATING for it!  


DeVanity is the comic saga of an insanely dysfunctional, megarich, jewelry dynasty headed up by Jason DeVanity (Caruso). Jason is married to scheming, blonde, bitch-goddess Lara (Alexis Zibolis), whom he wed to save the family business. 

When he isn't running the empire his adopted father left in his stewardship, or wondering what happened to his missing-in-action first wife, Jason is kept busy playing referee/gatekeeper for his depraved, adopted siblings: accused rapist Byron (Chris Parke), potential murderess Jackie (Erin Buckley) — who is sleeping with Bryon—and coke whore Bianca (Katie Caprio), who is married to Jason's best friend Alex Roth (Mike Dirksen), not that it stopped her from giving Byron a blow job, while her sister and husband walked in on them, in order to prevent Byron from spilling some of her nasty secrets last season! 

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This time around, Days of Our Lives and The Bold and The Beautiful star Kyle Lowder—who even The Soup's Joel McHale knows excels at campy, soap nastiness—joins as Jason's arch nemesis Andrew Regis, who is out to seize control of DeVanity. That's Lowder's former B&B grandma Robin Riker as Anjelica Roth and Alana Stewart as Lara's venomous mother Claudia. Watch the sizzling trailer for Season 2 of DeVanity after the jump!

DeVanity Season 2 Trailer from The SFN on Vimeo.