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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Nikki Marries Deacon!


Victor/Nikki/Deacon: That's right kids! Deacon and Nikki get hitched, all due to good ol' fashioned blackmail. As we all know, Victor takes the fall for Diane's murder, out of his love for Nikki. After going on another bender, Nikki runs into Deacon at the ranch and is not amused by his presence. Deacon lets Nikki know he can protect her and her family regarding Diane's murder. Deacon uses a little bit of what went down in the park the night Diane got bashed in the head to his advantage, in order to get Nikki back. Is it love or is all about the Benjamins for Deacon?

We know Deacon isn't making bank serving the citizens of Genoa City a mean, dirty martini. He owes Angelo tons of money and needs to get out of debt. At the same time, he still has feelings for Nikki. Meanwhile, Sharon returns to town, and is horrified Victor has been arrested for snuffing out Diane. She visits him in jail and tells him she knows he didn't do it. Victor firmly tells Sharon to keep out of it. Sharon is still a supporter of Victor and wants to help him, just like he did when she was on trial for Skye's murder. Sharon has a showdown with Adam and wants to know what he knows. He keeps mum on everything, but she isn't letting his act fool her one bit. Watch for Sharon to be a dog with a bone about proving Victor's innocence, which also has her intersecting with Nikki as well.

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Sharon: She has to decide if she wants to be in Faith's life, or still attached to Adam. Later, Sharon goes to Avery for assistance and challenges Nick to snoop on Adam.

Nick: The playboy disputes his baby brother taking over the family business.

Victor: The Black Knight is not thrilled with the outcome of his arraignment.

Devon: His singing lessons with Angelina starts to pay off (of course, NOT!).

Daniel: The artist and Eden start to get a bit steamy. Later, Daniel warns Lily to be wary of Cane.