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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Robin tells Patrick she made a mistake, but he interrupts and says he took care of the clothes and didn’t give the police everything.  She’s shocked that he tampered with evidence, but he wants to move on.  Robin wants to make Christmas special for Emma.  Patrick asks her to talk to Mac on their behalf.  He wants her to fight for her job back, but Robin says they can’t fight everything and win.

Liz wonders how Lucky could have trusted his father with Aiden.  Lucky says his father answered the phone when he called. Liz asks why Luke was at her house.  He admits he wanted to see his grandson. She wonders why, since he’s never shown an interest in her boys before.  Not on birthdays, Christmas or even Jake’s memorial.  She figures Luke was getting drunk then just like on the night Jake died.  Liz screams that she wants Luke nowhere near her boys. She will not bury another one because of him. 

Liz asks if Luke is hoping to find absolution, that he’s happy he didn’t kill Lucky’s real son.  Lucky protests to that, but Liz points out Jake and Cameron don’t have Spencer blood so Luke never took an interest in them.  But Aiden is a lot like Laura.  Luke points out that the last time they spoke Liz was blaming herself and apologizing to him.  He condescendingly tells her this is much better, much healthier and he doesn’t want forgiveness from her. 

Liz wonders if nothing will break through Luke’s wall; not guilt, not regret, not the death of her son.  She screams at him to take full responsibility. Luke assures her that he does take responsibility and hopes that some day they can get past this.  Liz is astonished by this and wonders what then.  Does he expect her to then welcome him back in Aiden’s life?  She assures him that will never happen

Liz yells at Lucky; they were supposed to protect Jake, to give him a good life, but that Jake never had a chance at life. He was cheated out of a future because of Luke, who never even slowed down and ran over her baby.  Lucky tells her to calm down, but she refuses, saying she won’t’ listen to Luke say this is therapeutic.  She screams at Luke, saying it’s his fault she lost her son.  Liz collapses and Epiphany takes her back to her room. 

Luke tells Lucky that it’s his turn, but Lucky feels he’s said his piece to his father already.  Luke thinks they can move forward now that he’s sober.  Lucky wonders why his father pushed Liz so hard.  Luke points out that Lucky was there to catch her. Liz will expect him to be there and want to play house again. Lucky shouldn’t make the same mistake he did with Laura.  Lucky wonders if the mistake was falling in love or letting it go. 

Dante tells Lulu that he won’t sit behind a desk. He needs to help his mother.  Lulu is sure that Olivia is innocent, but he’s using her as an excuse.  Dante wonders why she’s trying to change him, she fell in love with him.  Lulu admits she fell in love with the guy not his job. However, Dante says he loves being a cop and she needs to accept it. 

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Dante says he loves the job and he won’t give it up.  She says the danger is a problem.  Dante accuses her of spending so much time worrying about her family, she isn’t paying attention to her own life or passions.  Lulu says she’s passionate about them, but he wants her to find something for her that she’s focusing on the wrong things.  He says he told her what she wanted to hear. She says she’s not fragile like her mother. 

Lulu says she doesn’t need to be coddled.  Dante accuses her of delaying her answer about the proposal. He thinks she only said yes so as not to mess up his recovery.  Lulu says he needs to make changes.  Dante says he wants to be a cop and come home to her.  Lulu cries that he didn’t come home. She was waiting and she can’t go through that again.  Dante says she can’t live her life always worrying.  She says he’s acting like she’s being unreasonable, for wanting him to be safe.  Dante says they can live their lives to the fullest, but that if she changes him she’s already lost him.  Lulu takes off the ring and hands it to him, but Dante walks away.  She throws the ring across the room and pours herself a drink. 

Mac tells Alexis that he won’t recues himself, but feels like a hypocrite for coming down on Sonny and the gang when they covered up Michael’s killing of Claudia. Now he’s ready to do the same for Robin and Maxie.  Mac admits he wouldn’t hesitate to cover up, since he has access to everything and could easily hinder the investigation.  Alexis wonders if he has and he says he hasn’t. 

Mac suddenly starts saying maybe he’s the one who killed Lisa, framing himself to protect the girls hadn’t occurred to him before now.  Alexis doesn’t believe it, but he says he’s only showing her his dark side, since that’s how she likes her men.  She admits to that.  He asks if she’s getting back together with Sonny, which surprises her. He points out that she’s representing him again, like the last time.  Alexis assures him that she can’t afford another lapse in judgment.  He asks her to call him for any reason. 

Ethan’s happy that the lady in white is real. He wonders how long she’s been there and what she has against Laura. He figures she must have been the one to deface the painting.  He thinks Helena was looking for her and asks about the footprints.  She runs away into the tunnels. Ethan chases her into the tunnels, but comes back empty handed.  She’s left him a message in the dust, “tell no one”.  Ethan leaves, so the lady comes out of hiding and sees the message he left her, “don’t worry.”

Patrick and Robin are still talking when Pif brings Liz back to her room.  Patrick apologizes to Liz for what Lisa did.  Liz assures him that she doesn’t blame him for Lisa. Robin tells Patrick not to tamper with anymore evidence.  Later on, she stands on the stairs and watches the hospital goings on.

Luke leaves a note for Ethan at the Star and leaves.  Ethan gets the note that says Luke’s leaving. 

Lucky stops by to see Liz.  She apologizes for making a scene, but he says he should have told her that it was Luke who took Aiden to the hospital. Liz wonders how he knew Aiden was in trouble. Lucky explains about getting the message from beyond and says it came from Jake.  Liz says that Jake knew that Aiden needed him, just like she does. 

Liz wants a second chance, she thought he went to Ireland to deal with his guilt over Siobhan’s death. Now they need to give Aiden the life Jake never had.  Lucky says he can’t go down that road again, that he doesn’t have the strength to have and lose her again.