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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Maxie leaves a voice message for Matt, wondering again where’s he’s disappeared to.  Lulu shows up, asking to make time for her. She needs advice and she trusts Maxie to be objective.  She explains how messed up she’s been since Dante was shot. She thought he would take a desk job and how she broke up with him.  Maxie is less than sympathetic, claiming she has her own issues to deal with. However, when push comes to shove, she tells Lulu to dump Dante for good.  Maxie then tells her to figure it out for herself, but points out that Dante won’t disappear on her when she’s done something bad. 

Dante catches Delores going through the stuff on his desk.  She apologizes for being overambitious and that she cares about making a difference.  They admit they got off on the wrong foot and decide to get to know each other, as partners, better.  Dante tells her to get out of uniform and into regular clothes and meet him at Jake’s for a drink.  He asks about her husband, but Delores says he understands her need to fit in and is away on business anyway.   Methinks Delores is making up the husband thing. 

Sam apologizes to Michael for getting angry, claiming she’s upset about the guy beating up the strippers.  Michael wonders if she was ever victimized and she says yes.  He offers to listen and Sam talks about being abused in her past.  Michael asks if something happened more recently, that Jason doesn’t know about. Sam denies that.  Talk turns to Franco. Michael says it reminds him of prison, which he works hard to get over.  He mentions Abby helping him with that and how much he misses her. He wants to get the guy, for Abby’s sake.  Sam tells him he can’t play hero, but Michael points out that Jason would stand up if someone hurt her. 

Jason stares at the new tag, wondering what Franco is trying to tell him.  He remembers a lot of his conversations with Franco.  Spin shows up. Jason orders him to figure out the new part of the tag which is white O.  Spin’s not much help, which angers Jason more.  Spin asks for more information. He claims there were no known casualties this time, which flips Jason out again. 

Floyd watches as Johnny talks to the strippers. Diane wonders why he’s so interested.  Floyd thinks something is going on with Johnny, but Diane figures the real story is with the girls and wants to infiltrate their circle. 

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Sonny talks to his younger self, telling him he belongs in the past and screams at him that people fear him now.  Sonny rants and raves, until Kate shows up and overhears.  They hug and she tells him the horrors that happened there are still part of him.  She tells him that facing his demons is a good thing, but they should leave and come back another time.  Sonny says he’s not coming back.  Young Sonny replies that he will, because he still needs him. 

Back at the hotel, he asks how her day was, but Kate wants to know if he found what he was looking for.  Sonny feels the wallowing needs to stop.  Kate feels he needs to clear his past to get to the present.  They start to kiss and drop down to the bed. 

Mac checks in with Dante about being back on the job and working with Delores.  Dante assures him he’s fine. He’s getting along better with his new partner.  He leaves a voice message for Lulu, who shows up to give him the ring back.  Dante says he doesn’t want to lose her. She says he’s made his choice and will be getting her stuff from his place.  Later on, she listens to the message he left, as she’s packing.  She takes her box of stuff and leaves. 

Maxie’s leaving yet another message for Matt, when Mac shows up. She quickly pretends she’s actually speaking to Matt, but Mac sees through her attempt and asks her where Matt is. He wonders why she’s covering for him and asks if he involved in Lisa’s murder.  Maxie swears Matt didn’t do anything wrong. 

Mac says he got the forensic report back and wonders what happened to her clothes from that night.  Maxie claims they were all ruined so she threw them away.  Mac says she wasn’t seen until the end of the cruise, after Lisa was gone. He asks if she reacted to something.  Maxie wonders if he’s asking as her father or as a cop and wonders what he wants her to say.  Mac understands that she had reason to kill Lisa, because of Spin’s shooting and Robin’s terrorizing.  He gives her a hug and tells her he would do anything for her. He’s in a position to protect her.  Maxie hesitates, but then says she’s told him everything.  Mac tells her to get a hold of Matt and have him back by tomorrow or he’s sending out an APB on him. 

Johnny flirts with a plain clothed Delores and then explains about the strippers getting attacked.  This is news to Delores. Johnny says the police are more interested in harassing him than finding the guy.  He gives her more details and comes on to her again, only to be interrupted by Dante.  Dante’s surprised at Delores’ new look. 

Sam and Michael find Jason in the alley and see the new addition to the tag.  Jason thinks the O means full circle. He needs to go back to where it all started, namely on the street where he saw Franco the first time.  Floyd comes out, wondering what’s going on and sees Franco’s tag. He wonders if Franco is back.  Floyd figures it will make a great story for his paper.  Jason tells him not to print anything; he’ll take care of Franco.  When Floyd doesn’t back off, Jason roughs him up. Jason yells at him that he’ll come after him if he messes this up. 

Floyd goes back into the bar and tells Dante that Jason assaulted him and wants Jason arrested.  Before Jason has time to leave, Dante comes back and tells him he’s under arrest.  Jason says he needs to find Franco.  Sam and Michael try to stop Dante and appeal to him.  Jason says it’s personal between him and Franco. He goes to shove Dante, who immediately pulls his gun and formally handcuffs him.  Jason tells Sam to take Michael home, as he’s lead away.  Michael tells Sam to call Alexis and to go home.  Sam says she’s not going anywhere.