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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Kate stops Sonny on the bed.  She doesn’t want him losing himself in her, because he hasn’t accepted his past.  Sonny doesn’t want to talk about Deke.  She thought he was making progress, but he shuts down and turns to alcohol or women.  He says he did have some good memories, namely of her.  She wants him to face his demons, but he says if he does it will be alone.  She natters on about the darkness inside him. When he tries to kiss her again, she says they won’t be doing that tonight.  They decide to go skating at Rockefeller Center. 

Olivia shows up at Jake’s, waiting for Steve to join her.  Johnny mentions the mayor being assaulted and Dante leaving his date, but that the date was with Delores.  Olivia refuses to fall for that, saying she raised her son better than to disrespect Lulu.  Johnny points out that Dante is no choir boy and no one can live up to her expectations.

At the PCPD, Floyd wants the charges against Jason filed tonight. He accuses Dante and the rest of the force of turning a blind eye to the mob element.  Dante mentions Franco and that Jason was only stopping Floyd from creating a panic. However, Floyd feels that the citizens need to know if he’s back.  Floyd says to make sure Jason stays in lock up overnight. 

Delores decides she wants to stick around and learn something from Dante. She wants him to teach her everything.  She talks about the various cases and wants the evidence room key, but Dante tosses it in his drawer.  Delores accuses him of thinking less of her as a woman and a Latina, but says she’s as good as he is.  She mentions the stripper case and that she wants it.  Delores says he’ll never give her Lisa’s case, because of his mother’s involvement, or own his shooting or Floyd’s beating. She’s been following similar cases and thinks it’s the same man. 

Dante agrees to let her work on the case. He tells her he’s going to get Jason’s statement and then will go over the stripper’s statements with her.  When he heads out, Delores grabs the evidence keys from his drawer and heads out. 

Sam heads over to the street where Franco was the first time.  Michael doesn’t want her to get involved, but that he has a score to settle with Franco.  Sam says he can’t wait for Franco to show and do something that will send him back to jail.  Michael tells her she doesn’t know what it’s like to lose control, have no power and that he has to live with it. 

The two discuss the original incident and where Franco was.  They walk over to that spot and see the white O on a garbage can lid.  Sam lifts the lid and finds a gift, presumably for Jason. She unwraps it to find another DVD.  Michael wants to get the DVD snuck into Jason at the police station, but Sam doesn’t want Jason to know about it. 

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Steve’s running late for his date with Olivia. Maggie starts asking questions about Lisa and whether Robin did it, since she’s been relieved of her chief of staff duties.  Steve assures her Robin didn’t kill Lisa. Maggie asks who did.  Steven points out that grilling people about Lisa will not endear her to anyone.  Maggie wonders why he asked her to come to PC. She thinks he wants to keep an eye on her, because of what happened in Memphis.  Maggie assures him that his secret is safe with her. 

Maxie summons Anthony to Crimson, to ask him for the favor he owes her, when she pulled him out of the water.  She hypothetically wonders how to keep something quiet. Anthony asks if she wants him to cover up a murder.  He mentions Lisa’s name. Maxie wonders how he knows that’s who she was talking about.  Anthony admits to having a bone to pick with Lisa, for tossing him in the water, and Maxie realizes that he had motive to kill Lisa as well.

Maxie realizes the favor would benefit him as well.  Anthony points out that a lot of people wanted Lisa dead; including most of Maxie’s family.  Maxie says none of them have a history of violence, like he does, and if she tipped off the police he’d be bumped to the top of their suspect list.  Anthony’s not happy with being backed into a corner and Maxie backs down.  Anthony asks her if she wants it to look like Matt saved her or the reverse.  Maxie wants him to make it look like someone else entirely. 

Maxie asks not to know any details, so she can plead ignorance if Mac starts asking questions.  Anthony doesn’t agree to do it, either way, but is impressed with Maxie’s guts. 

Spinelli finds Lulu at Kelly’s, looking glum.  She asks if she’s crazy, because she broke off her engagement to Dante.  Spinelli says many people get cold feet and find it overwhelming. Lulu mentions that she feels she can’t commit to a cop.  Spinelli reminds her that the first time they met; she had a penchant for adventure and was fearless.  Lulu wonders what happened to her. When did she start playing it safe? 

Lulu mentions how Luke always left her. Spin thinks she’s projecting her feelings of abandonment onto Dante.  Lulu understands Dante is nothing like her father. Spin tells her to take inventory what she’s giving up and remember why she fell in love with Dante in the first place.  

Spin reminds her that he wasn’t a fan of Lante’s romance when it started, since Dante had him snowed as an undercover cop.  He asks what attracted her to Dante. Lulu mentions that he made her laugh.  He asks about trust issues, but Lulu says they’ve always managed to work things out. She thinks it’s better to let him go.  Spin says she has changed. The old Lulu would have followed her heart. 

Johnny points out to Olivia that Steve has stood her up. She’s willing to wait and wonders why he isn’t happy for her. Johnny says she should be with a man who puts her first.  Steve shows up, followed by Maggie.  Steve wonders if she’s following him, but she says she’s just trying to be social.  Maggie and Johnny hang out while Steve apologizes to Olivia for being late.  She explains that Johnny was keeping her company. 

Johnny asks Maggie how she knows Steven. Maggie tells him about working together in Memphis.  Steve heads over to the bar for a drink. Johnny mentions knowing about them knowing each other.  Steven asks Johnny to bring the drinks to Olivia while he has a word with Maggie.  Steve’s not happy, but Maggie assures him she didn’t tell Johnny anything. 

Sam insists on not showing Jason the DVD, because it will only drive him crazy.  Michael doesn’t understand. He says they don’t even know what’s on it.  He asks Sam what she thinks is on the disc.